Mobile responsive and SEO

Back in April 2015, Google made major changes and to its algorithm and people called it mobilegeddon.

What is Mobilegeddon – Basically for anyone with a website you need to have a mobile responsive website? Your website must move and change to operate on a mobile device without the viewer needing to move the screen. What this does is that it makes your website user-friendly for people on mobile devices and Google wants their customers to be happy.

My Sassy Business

Here is an example of what www.mysassybusiness.com does. You can see that the menu condenses and becomes a drop-down on the main page. Every page throughout works in a similar way and makes it easy for people on tablets or phones to navigate their way around the site.

What does your website do?

Have you visited a website on your mobile device and been annoyed because it was difficult to navigate your way around and view it correctly?

You can test your own site using the Google Mobile Test or if you are looking at your website on a desktop, grab the window and reduce it to a narrow view. Your site should move and adapt along with this window reduction!

Google’s algorithm changes (2015) meant that the site’s without mobile responsiveness were going to be pushed down the results list when someone searched for something. So if you were close or towards the top of the search results, if your website was not utilising mobile responsiveness a competitor of yours may be and they will be appearing above you now.

2016 – Google update starting in May

Further, to last years update, Google has again updated its algorithm and are letting people know directly that a site is not mobile-friendly.

So in the search results even if your site does appear and it is not mobile responsive – Google is letting people know. (see below)

Google results

What does this now mean?

Your small business must stay on top of technology and your website is a part of that technology. There is little point having a website if you are not going to keep it modern and you are not going to keep up to date with how people will find you online. Imagine when someone sees your business in the Google search results and there is a warning from Google – It may just stop people clicking on your site at all.

What does this mean for SEO?

Well if you are hoping that your website is going to be found online you need to be doing everything possible so that it is. Mobile responsiveness is one part of many others but it is one part that has a direct result.

Small Business Owners

If you are working hard every day to get people to your business don’t let a Google search result mean that you will not be chosen by that potential customer.

Have you already been impacted by these changes?

Have you kept up to date with your website – On average your website should be refreshed every two years!

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