Mobile has changed SEO

Can you even remember a time when you didn’t own a smartphone? It seems like a lifetime ago that we had an analogue phone and 2 lifetimes ago that there were no mobile phones. (showing my age)

As consumers we are constantly connected and able to look up or search anything almost anywhere and at any time. Mobile technology has given us control and power like never before and as consumers, we constantly use this to our advantage. If something doesn’t meet our needs we simply move onto the next thing until we find what we are looking for. The businesses who work hard on their SEO and digital marketing are the ones whoa re showing up in the search results.

Google Statistics

How consumers are searching

We, without thinking pick up one of our devices to act upon a thought and to get a response to our though immediately. This may be to get food or it may be to find a builder or plumber, perhaps it is a digital marketer or designer. Either way, you are looking for a business that is operating near to where you are.

As business owners, we are constantly trying to get in front of our ideal clients and grow our businesses. We try to ensure that we have a website, social media, newsletters, blogs, sign writing on our cars, shopfronts and more – just so we can be found.

If it is not all done well and professionally it can all be a waste of time

So how do we match what consumers are doing and what small business need to do so we can get the results we are looking for?

Local search, for example, must deliver the results people are looking for. There is nothing worse than when you are searching Google for local business and they are not coming up in the results. Instead, though you are greeted with the business who are making an effort with their digital marketing but make not be local. This is incredibly disappointing for people wanting to support local business!

All business need to ensure that they are still relevant to their clients.

  • Do you make it easy for your ideal clients to find you?
  • Are you putting your clients’ needs first when you are creating your website and social media?
  • Do you really connect with your clients when you produce content?
  • Are your ideal clients able to love what you do?
  • Is your content engaging and relevant?
  • Do your social posts make people what to click or comment?
  • Are you providing local solutions for your clients?
  • Are your ideal clients able to feel excited and a part of your business? (Apple does this very well)
  • If you are an e-commerce business – do you offer free shipping?
  • Are you still a tradie without a website?


Many years ago Google began ranking business better if they had a mobile responsive website. We are seeing the next level from this with local search results showing how mobile has changed SEO.

  • If you don’t have an up to date mobile responsive website you will be missing out on clients.
  • If your social media is not up to scratch you will be missing out on clients.
  • If you don’t regularly review and update your content you will be missing out on clients.

My Sassy Business continues to provide the advice and knowledge you need to move your business forward and get in front of your ideal clients.

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