Mobile friendly strategies to convert 

Mobile responsiveness is one aspect of your website being mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly strategy to convert your visitors is the next level towards success. 

When you have a website designed it is essential that the website is mobile responsive. However more than that, it should have aspects that are mobile-specific. The need for this is because more and more people are using mobile devices alone to visit websites. 

In Australia, mobile devices accessing web pages account for more than 50% of the web page views. In the US this figure is around 60% of web pages being accessed using a mobile device. 

What are mobile-friendly strategies to convert 

Mobile-first indexing – Google will primarily use your websites mobile pages to index your website relevant to someone’s search question. This leaves websites that are not mobile-friendly experiencing a negative impact on their search rankings. 

Pop-ups – You need to ensure that your pop-ups do not activate on mobile view. By having your pop up to subscribe you are breaking Googles intrusive interstitials policy. This policy is part of the core website vitals and will see your website receive a negative impact. 

Your copy – The mobile version of your website does not have to show every last word on your website. Where you can and if relevant it should be modified accordingly. 

Call to action – Make it very easy for visitors to find your phone number, email or any other call to action you would like your visitors to take. It needs to be easy for people to get the answers they are looking for and take action. 

Images – If it is not relevant to show images, remove them on the mobile view. On a mobile device, you have limited space and you should ensure that you are leveraging the available space as much as possible. 

What does your website look like on a mobile device?

One size cannot fit every business

Just as every business is different so too should be the strategies that surround it. You want your website to be personalised to suit your ideal clients and also obey Googles best practice recommendations. 

As part of your bespoke marketing strategy, you should have a bespoke website with mobile-friendly strategies that meet both your and your ideal client’s needs.

If you need help with your digital marketing and taking your business to the next level contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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