Merry Christmas from My Sassy Business

As today’s blog falls on Christmas Day I will keep it brief, with some simple reminders for you to think about.

Firstly though, I want to thank all my wonderful clients, you know who you are. I am privileged to have met you and to do business with you. To anyone else reading my blogs who are yet to do business with me, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Some thoughts:

  • Keep working hard
  • Ensure that you don’t lose sight of the goals you set
  • Use your hours wisely
  • Be as productive as you can be on any given day – It’s ok to have a slow day
  • Don’t just let time pass, it goes too quickly – start that business
  • No goal is too big or too small
  • Don’t compare yourself to others when the others only show you their best, it is not a fair comparison
  • Follow your own dreams not the dreams of others
  • Give without expectation
  • Use tools like social media to drive your business growth
  • Ask for help
  • Shout about your business from the rooftops and keep shouting until people listen

Small Business is hard work so don’t be too tough on yourself. Remind yourself of what you have achieved so far and give yourself a break.

I genuinely hope that 2018 and beyond is good to you both business-wise and personally.

As I want all my clients to be as successful as they can be, make sure you share your achievements with me. Any achievement in small business is big and sharing it with someone can make you feel so much pride in that achievement.

Take time to plan some goals for 2018 and let’s share the success together.

Lastly – just enjoy being self-employed and remember why you started.

Kelly Robinson

My Sassy Business

Merry Christmas from My Sassy Business

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