Marketing your business for long term success

Social media and digital marketing for your business need to have a long term strategy.

It can be looked at as a marriage for your business with all the same sorts of ups and downs that a typical marriage can experience.

The age of instant gratification

Instant gratification is wanted by the people who visit your business. They want your website to load quickly and give them the answers they desire FAST. On average your business has just 8 seconds to make a digital impression.

If this impression is not as expected on your website or social media often the consumer will just move on to the next business.

The business owner

As a business owner and consumer, you may also be hoping for instant gratification with your marketing. You want and expect results TODAY!

Sure you may set long term goals for your future and your business future however when you post something on social media you seem to expect immediate results – immediate gratification.

This lust for immediate gratification may only lead to disappointment for you in your small business.

Marketing is not a one night stand

Digital marketing and social media are not a one night stand it is a long term commitment to achieve the success you desire. 

Marketing your business should not only be happening when you are a little quiet. Sound digital marketing and social media strategy need to happen all year round. Success will not be yours if you only post on social media when you remember or just one each week.

Just as a successful marriage takes time to build, establish and grow – so does your marketing.

It takes time

No successful business happens immediately upon launch – it takes time. This can and will be years not months and if you do have fast results what are you doing to ensure they remain long term?

I see many posts on social media from people who say I launched 3 months ago and I have no sales. Of course, you have no sales – it can take YEARS for business to have sales.

Here again, we have people expecting immediate gratification from their new business. So in a matter of months from their launch, they are closing the doors on their business. You cannot build a community of ideal clients overnight let alone a sustainable business.

Long term marketing of your business

  • Research – work out where you are going to market your business so your ideal clients can find you.
  • Ideal Clients – know who your ideal clients are
  • Goals – what are your goals and are they realistic
  • Build your social media – Work out how you are going to grow your social media accounts
  • Build your digital marketing – What is digital marketing for your business?
  • Launch and build – After you launch your business you then go into a build phase that will give you long term growth
  • Rinse and repeat – Keep on doing what works and do it long term
  • Get help – you don’t have to go it alone, get the help you need


Overnight success is a myth and immediate gratification is a one night stand. If you want to have your business successful for the long term then your business and marketing is a marriage.

Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your business. You need to work hard for every like, comment and share.

Get help – chances are you don’t know everything so get the help you need.

All great things take time and effort so work hard and put in the effort required to get the long term results for your business. Stop expecting immediate gratification when it comes to your small businesses marketing success.

If you need help with your marketing – Contact Kelly at My Sassy Business

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