Local SEO is more important than ever 

Covid times have shown us all the importance of local business. 

During the second half of 2020, I wrote a blog about local SEO for Australian businesses. It was to highlight that there had been an increase in consumers looking to do business locally. With this increase, it has been vital to ensure you could be found both online and in person. 

Now mid-way through 2021, it remains the same and I suspect that many people’s buying behaviour is permanently changed. We have all gone from having a global buying experience to actively choosing to shop and support local Australian businesses. 

To help your business to be found by people who are searching ‘near me’ local SEO is vital.

There are aspects of local SEO that you as a business owner can do yourself and there are other aspects that are better to be outsourced to a professional. 

Local SEO

As a small business, it goes without saying you need a great website. However, if you are going to be found by local searchers you also need local SEO.

When a search engine like Google has a local query it needs to respond to it takes several factors into consideration. 

  • Is the website ticking all the Google best practice boxes?
  • Is the business located near to the individual who is searching?
  • Does the business offer the relevant products and services?
  • Does the website have a good online reputation? 

SEO remains a long term solution to ensuring that your business is found in the search results of the internet. Make sure to contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business to outsource SEO for your small business.

Google My Business

One of the ways you can help to ensure your business is showing up in the local search results is to make sure that you have created your Google My Business listing. It is free and there are a large number of options to grow and improve your listing with photos, location, reviews and so much more. 

Tip: Make sure your name, address and phone number match your website so that Google understands the relationship between the two. 

Tip: Make sure you are asking for reviews, Google My Business is one of the easiest ways for people to leave reviews for your business.

Content matters

Both the current content on your website and any new content that you create help with your local search results. Make sure that your website is all about the problems you solve rather than just how fabulous you are. 

Regularly add new content – Via blogs or by reviewing and adding to what you already have. No website should be a set and forget website. It is your storefront and it should constantly have refreshed material added. 

Tip: Make the time once each month to review your website and ensure that all your content is correct and up to date.

Blogs/case studies/and more – Whether you write about your niche yourself or you outsource it to someone else it is the perfect way to increase your online exposure. Make sure you share this content to your social media sites and make sure you are consistent. 

Even if you can only produce 1 new piece of content per month, that is only 12 in a year. It will make a difference to your local SEO and overall SEO. 

However, if you can manage to produce 1 new piece of content each week, you increase the ability for your business to be found online.

Social Media 

Yes, social media really does help your SEO efforts with brand awareness and leading potential customers to your website. Social media is social and it can get people talking about your business. 

Are you making enough effort on social media?

Tip: Make sure that your social media profiles are up to date and your contact information matches your website.

Tip: Are you posting often enough, 5 times each week should be the bare minimum. If you cannot keep up posting like this, it is time to outsource.


Online business, storefront or a mix of both you must be able to be found in the search results online. Take the time to see how you can improve your business today and ensure that your ideal clients can find you?

Get help marketing your business via local SEO and more, contact kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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