Local SEO for Australian business

Shopping local has become very important. Not just for consumers but also for businesses. In Australia, many people are aiming to choose their local businesses as a priority to keep them in business for the long term.

Local SEO is now more important than ever for all Australian businesses. You want your ideal clients to be able to find you easily when they are searching online.

So, how do you ensure that you are appearing in the search results of Google for you local customers?

SEO – Search engine Optimisation

It is important to realise that your aim should never be I want to see my website ranked number one for a specific search term. Google just does not work like that with its constantly evolving algorithms.

Google search results vary based on the searcher and…

  • What they enter into Google
  • What their location is
  • Their previous search history
  • If they are on a mobile device or desktop device
  • What they have clicked on before
  • And so much more…

The aim should be to be high in the results for a wide variety of terms so that you have more chance of getting found by your ideal clients. And ranking as often as possible on page one for a variety of terms. This broad choice is far better than trying to rank for a term that people may not even be searching for. Or the term may be so popular that you are never going to be able to get close to position 1.

It is also important to state that no one can or should guarantee you anything. We all, including me, get those emails full of guarantees and full of scare tactics too. Spam emails from companies and individuals you have never heard of you need to ignore and delete.

Ultimately we are all at the mercy of Google and what their algorithms are doing. All we can do (as marketers) is provide best practice according to the guidelines that Google sets.

Your website

  • You MUST have a modern, mobile responsive websiteHow important is your website
  • Local landing pages
  • Display a proper street address
  • Have up to date content
  • You should regularly add new content to pages, articles and local blogs
  • Outsource SEO for your business


Writing regular blogs can be a great way to show your expertise and also remind people about your local work. This is not a cure-all for SEO it is just one component that works well to complement all SEO practices. If you are looking for someone to outsource your blogs to, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

Google My Business

  • Ensure you have a verified listing
  • Keep your listing up to date
  • Use your listing to post regular updates
  • Ask for reviews from your customers

Local directories

Both free and paid directory listings can be very beneficial for your business. Start with free listings and see if you are generating clicks from these. Do your research and see which paid listings may bring results for your business.

Google Ads

Paid advertising like Google Ads can be a great addition to SEO. While they operate independently they also complement each other in the search results. Your business will appear in the paid section and may also be showing in the organic results. This looks great when people are deciding who to click on.

Your competitors may also be using Google ads to appear when your business name is searched.  It is important that you combat this with your own ads which will generally rank higher as you are the genuine business. Ask us how we can target your competitors’ traffic with Google Ads!

So if you have an Australian business are you doing enough to get found

Whether you have a storefront business or an online business or both you want your ideal clients finding you. A digital-first marketing strategy that includes SEO and content is essential. Speak to My Sassy Business today and get your strategy working for you.

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