Is your business quiet or temporarily closed?

When you are in business, self-employed and living the dream there are always times of uncertainty or times of QUIET. In these quiet times, it can be easy to spiral out of control and into despair. There are lots of ways that you can deal with this time and naturally depending on your individual circumstances, this is going to be different for everyone.

Find out what financial assistance you can get if you need it

  • Government Assistance
  • Bank Assistance
  • Rental Assistance

Don’t despair if your business is quiet or temporarily closed

This time is not going to last forever and you can come back bigger and better than ever, so plan now.

As difficult as it can be to stay positive you need to work harder than ever on remaining positive. Remember, small business owners are resilient and will ride through both the good times and the bad times.

We need to ride through the times we have never experienced before (currently COVID-19). 

Seek support for your mental health

  • Online community groups
  • Facebook groups
  • Mental health providers
  • Friends and Family
  • Watch movies
  • Read books or do puzzles
  • Exercise and anything else that makes you feel great
  • Do a course to improve your skills

Start planning

Have a think about what you don’t usually have time to do, both in your business and away from our business.

Make time to do the things that are important to you away from your business but also make time to do the things that are important to your future business.

  • What are the goals you have for your future business
  • If you are closed, how are you going to reopen
  • If you are quiet, how are you going to transform your business
  • Asses your current clients and those that have dropped off
  • Reach out to both existing on old clients
  • Rewrite your ideal client description
  • Update the content on your website
  • Review and work on your social media
  • Work out what marketing you are doing yourself and what you are outsourcing
  • Make sure your admin is up to date
  • If you are closed – what are your reopening plans
  • Write online learning for your clients
  • Don’t stop marketing
  • Do webinars
  • Create ebooks
  • Continue to market your business
  • Go through your old todo lists that are never complete
  • Spring clean, repaint, redesign your office or workspace

Keep marketing

Yes, keep marketing! Regardless of whether you DIY or outsource, it is important that you don’t just come to a complete standstill.

Social Media – Keep the posts coming, people have more time than ever to see what is available and you want to remain or gain a top of mind position. Don’t make everything about the reason you are quiet or temporarily closed. Keep in light, happy and even amusing.

SEO – It is essential that you continue SEO or you will risk your organic rankings dropping or vanishing once things come back to normal. You may need to again start from scratch. Remember demand is going to return and you don’t want to have slipped away from the results.

Paid Ads – If your business is not in demand or not an essential service, you may want to pause your paid ads. However, it is important to realise that the cost per click is going to be lower than ever due to the overall reduced demand.

Email – Stay in touch with your clients. Remember that this time is temporary and you want customers and clients to return to normal when they can.

Keep working

It is important to keep moving forward so that you can continue after this time has passed.

If you have moved your business from retail storefront to online you need to tell people. Keep marketing your business everywhere you can or outsource it so you can focus on other things.

Remember that you are going to come back bigger and better than ever as your current situation is temporary. It is how you handle yourself through this time that will show how your business comes out the other side.

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