Is WordPress really the best choice for you? 

Exciting times – you perhaps are starting a business and setting up your website for the first time. Or you may be looking to redesign your website, either way, you need to decide what platform is going to work for you. You also need to look at if you are going to do the design/development yourself or if you are going to outsource it to someone else. All the platform mentioned below can be done yourself or outsourced to professionals.

Popular platforms:


Shopify is really by far the most popular platform for eCommerce stores and a leader in the market place. However, eCommerce can work very well in all the others I have mentioned above. It really is leading the way in providing a solution for online stores of all sizes.

However – If you have asked anyone or posted in a Facebook group, WordPress will have come up for you.

Why WordPress

  • WordPress dominates the numbers by powering more than 1 third of all websites in existence.
  • It is a solid platform dominating 60% of the CMS (content management system) market.
  • Information is available everywhere – There are countless tutorials and help everywhere to be found online.
  • SEO friendly through the use of plugins like Yoast for your website.
  • WordPress is as flexible as any gymnast. The possibilities with WordPress are almost endless as it can be incredibly complex or it can remain fairly simple.
  • Security is great with WordPress however you need to ensure that your website is kept up to date and have your SSL certificate enabled through your host. Plus there are security plugins that you can install.
  • There are endless themes both free and paid for your website look and layout or you can build everything from scratch.
  • WordPress is ready for developers to work their magic with as much or as little coding as they want to include.
  • Also for developers, it has a REST API for building apps using WordPress.
  • No one likes a slow website so you can optimise your WordPress website for speed.
  • You can build an entire website for free if you want to however spend a little and it will pay off in the long run.
  • Lot’s of language choices
  • Plenty of third-party tools can be added

After this list you may be saying well, why not WordPress…

Sometimes it is just personal choice. There are people who hate WordPress and prefer Squarespace and Wix. Both Squarespace and Wix are wonderful platforms that have great features and their SEO can also be great. As mentioned above if you are looking at eCommerce just head straight to Shopify it is the market leader. Regardless of the choice you make get a professional involved in the process, you will be glad you did.

At My Sassy Business, we can look after all your digital marketing needs including websites. We have clients with all the platforms mentioned in this blog so reach out if you need help with design, SEO or marketing for your website.

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