Is the smartphone hurting your business

Regardless of the type of business, you have smartphones could be causing it damage!

Think about online shopping and how it has hurt retail storefront. Smartphones are bringing the next wave of damage and not just to retail business.

Is your business smartphone friendly?

Almost all of us have all the answers to our questions in the palm of our hands. Think about when you need an answer about a question – even to help your kids with their homework. What do you do? I know I hit Google for the answers and often from the palm of my hand – day or night!

Retail has been the first to feel the hurt of the palm-sized shopping centre and all business is following fast. Plenty of people are selling product by smartphone alone. From clothing to food it is happening and B2B transactions are right there too.

What does your website look like on a mobile device? Don’t dare tell me you don’t have a website or that you have one which hasn’t been updated for years and years.

Is the smart phone hurting your business

Foot Traffic

Think just about Instagram 800million plus people are scrolling each month and with plans to include the addition of credit or debit cards – immediate transactions await. Instagram is only suited for use on a smartphone!

How do your ideal clients find you?

Or do you rely on repeat business only?

What happens when you old clients see something they want online, do they always return to you?

It is all ages who are purchasing on social media, not just18-24-year-olds!

So what can you do

  • Don’t forget who your ideal clients are
  • Remember they are wanting to do business with you but they may also be looking at new offerings online.
  • Improve your business practice to align with technology and stay ahead in your field
  • Remember that technology can make doing business easier and far more flexible
  • Know that clients expect you to be able to offer a convenient experience and progress forward with technology

Where do you start

Make sure you know what you should be doing and know that you don’t have to do everything.

  • Have an up to date website that is mobile responsive
  • Ensure that you have your website search engine optimised
  • Be in the social accounts that your ideal clients are on
  • Have paid advertising as part of your marketing plan
  • Create a plan and be consistent with the plan
  • Decide if a blog could help your clients connect with you
  • Get the help you need to make the changes in your business that you need to
  • Educate yourself in areas that you are interested in
  • Outsource the areas that you are not interested in
  • Remember that business is a marathon and not a race but also know that you don’t eat to be last either

If you need help in any or all of these areas My Sassy Business can look after all types of digital marketing – contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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