It is essential to understand that all writing is not equal, and both content writing and content writing call for a different set of skills.

While they may sound similar, they are two very different strategies for your business. So how do you know if it is content marketing or copywriting?

Content marketing

Content marketing is new original content to attract customers, and it is unique and part of a long-term goal for your business.

The design of good content marketing is to create content that can be indexed on the internet. Good content marketing ensures that you are in those results when your ideal clients search the web.

Written content
Blogs – Blog posts or articles are created regularly to give you more content that Google can index. This content is the perfect way to show your industry authority, case studies and more.

Newsletter – Email newsletters allow you to communicate directly to your database regularly.

White papers – Creating a downloadable white paper can grow your database and further illustrate your industry authority.

Ebooks – Similar to a white paper but generally much longer and designed to grow your database and potentially earn a passive future income.

Infographics – These can be used across your website, social media and more to illustrate something specific to your audience, and it is a clean and easy method of content marketing.

Audio and visual content
Podcasts – Whether it is your podcast or you are a guest on a podcast, it is a great way to share content and market yourself.

Videos – Many people prefer to consume content via video, which can be a great way to illustrate your business.

All this content can be used in various ways to create social media posts, advertising and more. Content marketing provides long-term value to both new and existing consumers.

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Again we are creating content, but here we are looking at the words across your website. Copywriting is powerful as it generally gets people to do something, read something or buy what you have on offer.

  • A home page description
  • Product descriptions
  • Service descriptions
  • Headlines on your website
  • Calls to action

Copywriting is straightforward and designed to convey essential and direct information to your website visitors and encourage immediate action.

Why is content marketing important

Leads for your business – Potential customers are looking for information, and content marketing is a highly effective way to help people find your business.

Awareness of your business – The more people see and hear about your business, the more it remains top of mind when they need your product or service.

Cost to your business – Content marketing is very cost-effective. The highest cost is time, which can be outsourced so that you can focus on what you do best.

SEO boost – Content marketing helps with your search engine rankings. The more great content you have available online, the more chances you have of being found in Google’s search results.

Content leads to conversions – People are provided with valuable information, which makes them far more equipped to make an informed decision. Your potential clients will feel happy to choose you.

Building trust – Showing how knowledgeable you are helps to build trust with your existing and potential customers. You are providing information to make them more knowledgeable about what you offer and how it solves their problems and benefits them. When you build trust, people are more likely to do business with you.

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