Insane facts about email marketing

If you have an email address, chances are you are subscribed to someone’s email marketing. Perhaps you get fashion updates, 4 wheel driving, camping, local business etc. via your email account. This is email marketing!

Are you using email marketing?

The return on investment (ROI) on email marketing on average is $38 for every $1 spent (Campaign Monitor). It remains the most successful way of marketing and that is even with all the other methods of contact that we have available.

The Facts:

  • Build your email list with both existing clients and new clients.
  • Don’t buy lists ever
  • When you have a subscription on your website ensure that you have an automated thank you for subscribing email for them.
  • Always create an engaging title for every email/newsletter you send
  • Have a sub-heading that encourages people to read on.
  • Consider segmenting your lists to the types of clients you have, new, existing, individuals or businesses.
  • Personalization of your emails means a much greater rate of people opening and reading.
  • Be consistent; don’t send one and then nothing for six months.
  • Choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule and stick to it.
  • The vast majority of recipients expect to receive weekly email marketing from businesses.
  • Don’t make it too long, people will not read it.
  • Using dynamic images and exciting content will lead to sales for your business.
  • Include links to your website throughout the content to drive traffic and sales.
  • Do a spell check, grammar check, link check etc. to make sure you are sending quality to your clients.
  • Make sure to check your analytics, using something like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp to hold and send out to your database will also report your statistics.

According to Campaign Monitor

90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed. This is because Facebook limits the number of times your posts appear in the News Feed in an attempt to drive brands towards their paid advertising options.

This is a big deal when it comes to getting your messages seen.

On Facebook, if you post an update to your 10,000 fans only about 200 of them will even have a chance of seeing it in their News Feed. Alternatively, if you send an email campaign to 10,000 subscribers at least 9,000 of them would receive it in their inbox.

This means your message is 45 times more likely to be seen using email than Facebook.

Secondly, your email subscribers have explicitly told you they want to hear from you when they signed up for your email list. There are strict laws and regulations around SPAM laws, so if you’re emailing a prospect or customer, it is because they gave you permission to.

Now think about the ads in your Facebook News Feed – did you ask those companies to market to you? Probably not! More than likely, you performed a Google search or visited their website. That’s decidedly different than proactively signing up from an email newsletter.

Email is the proven marketing channel to ensure your audience gets your message and it isn’t going anywhere.

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