How voice search drives local business

Voice search has grown massively with tools within Apple and Google – How often do you “Hey Google or ask Siri for an answer?

If you are in business, surely you want your business to be one of the ones to show up in the results of someone’s search. The question is how do you do that?

Did you know that 50% of local mobile searches by consumers lead to a store visit within a day?

If you are a local business, chances are you may be missing out on business by not being optimised for local search. My Sassy Business can help!

Answering your ideal client’s questions

Are you optimised for “Near me” searches?

  • People are using voice search to find a local business. “Best Indian restaurant near me” “Where can I get my car fixed” “Emergency plumber near me”

Does your website answer your ideal client’s questions?

  • What questions may you ideal clients ask with a voice search and does your website have the answers?

Have you claimed your Google My Business Listing?

  • This is where your customers can easily find you and they can leave reviews for your business. You can also share photos and updates about your business and share a description of your products, services, hours and more.

Is your website fast and mobile friendly?

  • Please stop looking at cheap and start looking at hosts that are fast and website design that is responsive. The budget bargain websites and hosts are not going to help you get great results online. Lastly, don’t forget about HTTPS as this is essential for your website and a big part of what Google cares about right now!

Do you have blog posts that answer your customer’s questions?

  • Are your products, services and business questions answered in the content on your website? A single FAQ page is just not enough. This strategy can work for all types of businesses – contact My Sassy Business

Are you on social media?

  • One of the best ways to be recognised is by having social proof. Consumers are more likely to choose a business they already recognise or may have touched on before. Perhaps they see you on social media, someone mentions you and then you show up in search results. The chances that people then buy is so much higher.

Google search results take time

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to appearing in the Google search results organically but you can use paid search in conjunction with SEO for faster results. That said you still need to have a professional website that answers your client’s questions or once they arrive they may bounce off your site and go elsewhere.


Many business and particularly local business are not doing enough to get found by their ideal clients. It is often viewed as too costly or unachievable, however, if you don’t try your competitors will and they will gain a larger share of the market.

So if you would like to work on getting found in the search results – contact My Sassy Business

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