How to use Instagram for your service business

Instagram has fast become one of the top performing platforms. Perhaps the fact that Facebook has ownership has something to do with this.

Many businesses struggle every day to figure out what they are going to post online to their social media. Instagram can be just as difficult and especially for a service business.


  • Create your Instagram profile and ensure you create a business account that is linked to your Facebook page.
  • Choose your logo or something relevant as your profile picture.
  • Have a great description of what you offer
  • Follow other relevant accounts, clients, and more
  • Begin a content calendar you can add to when you have an idea


Share your expertise by using tips, hacks, infographics etc. that all relate to your ideal clients. Images that you take yourself, create yourself or share from other accounts. If you share from others make sure you give credit to them.


Instagram stories are a great way of growing your following and giving a little behind the scenes look. Personally, I love Instagram stories both to watch and to share.

My Sassy business – Instagram – @mysassybusiness_


Short videos up to 1-minute in length can be added to your timeline. Ensure that the videos are good quality and if in doubt add them to your story instead.


Use motivational or inspiration quotes and don’t forget a funny quote too. Just make sure as with everything it always aligns with your business and its message.


Don’t forget the description below the image. Make it relevant and remember that asking a question will often elicit a response in the comments below.


Hashtags are essential on Instagram, this is one of the main ways people search for things. Make sure you use ones that are relevant to your business, brand and what your ideal clients are searching for.


Engage with the accounts you follow, like their photos and comment on their accounts. Follow accounts that interest you as well as potential clients it is easier to engage with them if you are interested.


Don’t buy followers, work on your account and the followers will come. Just like any social account, it takes time but it will pay off.


Post every day and engage every day. This is the work that is required to be successful on your Instagram account.

Conclusion – Instagram is wonderful for all types of businesses and it is a great way to engage with other businesses and people. If you want help learning how to use Instagram, make an appointment with My Sassy Business.

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