How to use Instagram for growth

If you are not using Instagram in a way that will grow your business then you are missing out! Instagram is incredibly important for small business and maybe more important for a small business than a larger business.

The reason for this is that larger business could stop using Instagram and it wouldn’t affect their sales too much. This is because as a large business or brand they are well known. Small business does not have this luxury – People don’t know who you are.

Instagram along with other social media platforms remain some of the best ways to get found online. Currently, 71% of businesses are using it as a marketing channel – what are you waiting for. And if you are using it, are you maximising it’s potential?

Instagram states that 80% of its 1Billion users follow business and it is fairly obvious that people love to engage with brands on Instagram.

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Is it time you took advantage of this platform?

Tell those you know

  • Tell your email list that you are on Instagram
  • Have links on your website to Instagram
  • Have your Instagram feed on your website
  • Remind people in your blog posts
  • Remind people via your other social accounts
  • Have it in your email signature

Why people follow a brand on Social Media

  1. Interested in the product or service
  2. Interested in promotions
  3. They are entertaining
  4. Offered an incentive
  5. Interested in their industry
  6. To communicate with the brand
  7. Friends also follow/like their contentHow to use Instagram for growth

So what does this mean? The number one reason is to see your product or service so you better be talking about and showing these items. However, don’t oversell – create a showcase but keep your Instagram light with other images that relate to your ideal clients.

Shop via the posts

One of the greatest improvements to Instagram has been the opportunity to sell products directly from the post. According to Hootsuite, 60% of people are using Instagram to find a new product and 75% of those take action following finding what they are looking for.

By tagging your product people can see the name of your item and the price, clicking on this link with then take people directly to purchase. No more need to direct people to a link in your bio. Plus there is the ability to tag your stories too.

Where are you

Locations tags are another way you can share where you are and appear when people are searching the popular page plus the algorithm can give you visibility to people near that area. Plus you don’t have to be in that area to tag it. Your business may be in Tasmania but you wish to tag Sydney – simply tag your post with Sydney.


  • Make sure you are consistent and aim to post 5 to 7 times each week – Outsource it if you can not manage this yourself
  • Photos with faces tend to generate more engagement than a product only image. By having a face people are more likely to comment which leads to conversions and ultimately help your business to grow.
  • Collaboration with other brands and social influencers – Make sure to target your niche and your ideal clients when you collaborate.

Paid Advertising

Having a plan for paid advertising is important to your social media growth. You can have photo ads, video, carousel, collection and story ads for your business.


Make sure you remind people to tag you if they share an image with your product in it. This is one of the best ways for people to discover new brands. This user-generated content is also more trusted than other media with the chances of conversion of at least 5% higher than without.

Don’t forget to respond

  • Reply to all comments with a meaningful comment
  • Like all comments
  • Answer any DM’s you get


By doing Instagram well you will create meaningful relationships with your followers that can lead to sales. Making sure you are covering all the above recommendations and you are consistently posting so that your account has the ability to be seen.

If you need help with any or all of these items contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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