How to use a call to action on Social Media 

Most of us think about a call to action via our website pages suggesting that people ‘contact us’ but what are you using on your social media posts? 

As social media is a vital tool in your marketing toolbox here are 9 great ideas for you to add a call to action on each and every post you share. 

The Count Down

You can use a count down to a new product as your call to action. It is a great way to tease products and get your followers excited about what is coming their way.

As part of this count down, you ask them to subscribe so they don’t miss out. Or it may be as simple as ‘New release tomorrow’!

You can also direct people to follow your other social profiles, your stories and more for further reach. 

Explain the benefit 

Tell your followers exactly why they will benefit from your product or service. Why they must take action today for the benefit of what you are offering. You know your ideal clients the best so think about and share why your product or service is a benefit. 

Share with a friend

By your followers sharing your post with a friend, you can grow your followers.

You can also ask people to tag a friend as a way of adding more people to your following.

I’m sure you have seen others do this with competitions on Instagram, ‘tag 2 friends in the comments to win’.

Tell them what to do

Using words like ‘register now’ ‘buy online’ ‘subscribe’ ‘click the link’ ‘preorder today’ you are telling your followers exactly what they need to do.

This creates a call to action they can take because they saw exactly what they need and you asked them to do something to engage with you. 

Create a timeline

By sharing a call to action within a limited time frame you are encouraging people to act faster than they potentially would. ‘Available to the first 50 people’ or ‘offer ends tomorrow’.

You can also use ‘call now’ or ‘call today’ to elicit immediate action. 

Be personal

Using words like you and your when you write your description makes your social media posts and calls to action far more personal to your followers. 

EG: Share with us your camera kit. What is missing from your camera kit that we can help you with?

Show your true colours 

While sticking to your brand is important so too is attracting attention. Working out a way to join these together means you have a visual outcome that is ideal for your followers. 

When people scroll through their social media feeds they are looking for a reason to stop. Why not try to splash some colour and direct the attention where you want it to be. 

Remind them

Sometimes people need to be reminded to check out your other social media pages. If you are posting on Instagram remind them that you also have Facebook or Linkedin.

Gain more comments by asking a question that you think your followers would engage with? 

Plain English

Using plain and relatable language that is easy to understand is essential. If it matches your brand, throw a few emojis into the conversation too. 👗 👔 👜

Make sure you never use jargon that your followers cannot relate to take the time to ask questions that may entice people to respond to your posts.


Social media can be a wonderful social environment for your business and its followers. Used consistently it will grow your business and your followers and you will benefit from it.

If you need help creating a social media conversation for your brand contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business today. 

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