How to turn your e-commerce visitors into customers

Are you getting lots of traffic to your e-commerce store but not getting sales? This can happen to any website, not just an e-commerce one. Have you read my previous blogs on your websites home page and about page?

Remember your website is a constant work in progress! Do you know what your bounce rate is? Do you know what your conversion rate is?

Ideally, an e-commerce business should have a very low bounce rate. Make sure you have Google Analytics set up so that you can check this statistic.

The reason for a low bounce rate on an e-commerce store is that the vast majority of visitors should be looking around at your products. They should not be bouncing straight back off your website.

By having both great user experience and beneficial storytelling you provide content for your visitors to consume. This content helps to make them more comfortable with the idea of purchasing from you and your business.

User Experience

What is your e-commerce stores user experience like? Can your visitors find all the information they need or do they have to search your website to find it? How are you going to turn visitors into customers if they have to work hard to buy from you – You need to make it easy!

The vast majority of large retail websites do this very well. Small e-commerce needs to do it better and make their user experience as personal as possible and as easy as possible. You as a small e-commerce store do not have the level of trust that a large site like The Iconic does!How to turn your ecommerce visitors into customers

  • It is easy to see that you offer free delivery or that you offer express delivery?
  • How much do visitors have to spend to get free shipping?
  • Are your contact details more than just a PO Box?
  • Do the majority of your products have ratings and/or reviews?
  • Is a wish list option available next to your buy now / add to cart option?
  • How do you share your trustability – free returns, customer service number, warranty, ratings etc?
  • Do you have high-quality product images that show it being used or worn if applicable?
  • Are there bundling options available in your store?
  • Are you showing the product as in-stock?
  • Is there any FAQ’s relevant to this product?
  • How amazing is your product description?

Product description

You may think that your products speak for themselves but actually, some people want to know lots and some only a little. You need to cater to both these types of shoppers.

Bullet points – These are great for the people who only need to know a little and just want a brief overview.

Long Description – This is for the people who love to know more. Here you can share all the information you have. You can tell a story and provide an example of how this product is best used. You can share examples or stories, testimonials and more.

Show a story

When you show a story about your product you are not telling them it is fantastic you are showing them. You need to show the problem that this product solves rather than just telling them about the product. This can be done with a short video or a short story. A simple video can show a potential buyer how a dress moves when you wear it and how fantastic that person feels. A case study can show how a problem was solved.

By using reviews and testimonials you are sharing small stories which show the genuine outcomes of a purchase from your business.  A good story will cover – A character, a problem, action and the solution. 

Now that you have some tips to work on your online store how often will you be reviewing your website to ensure it is as easy to use as possible? I would love to hear from you about the ways that you show a story on your products.

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