How to sell more with Value Propositions

Could this be one area that you have forgotten about in your small business?

It is important to understand that your small business tagline or slogan is not your value proposition. Your tagline is merely a way to identify your business and to help people to remember your business.

A Value Proposition tells people why they should buy from you! It gives people the main reason to choose you for that product or service.

You can sell, products, services, memberships or anything else using a great value proposition!

It is essential that your value proposition speaks directly to your ideal clients. The value proposition must explain why you offer a solution to their problem with your product or service.

Different types of value

  • Performance – What are you solving and why are you better?
  • Vibes – What emotions do you evoke?
  • Finance – Are their financial advantages with your offer?
  • Association – How will your offer make people feel?
  • End value – Are there any guarantees?

Convenient – Flexible – No-Risk – Free Delivery – Free Installation – Next Day Delivery – Money Back Guarantee – Cancel Anytime – Free Express Shipping – Save Money – etc

NOTE: Free Shipping is the number one incentive to buy from an e-commerce store.

Creating your value proposition

Each and every product/service you are selling should have a description as to what it represents. As part of this description you should have:

  • Short headline – Grab attention
  • Longer sub-headline – Further explain
  • Description – Explanation in greater detail
  • Bullet points – To illustrate the top benefits or features on offer

Remember that you are not trying to appeal to everyone out there, you are only aiming to appeal to your ideal clients.

Do you have a client persona

A client persona clear identifies who you are selling to and what they are looking for. It includes things like age, location, income, family, job, income, desires, needs, wants, and much more.


If you need help creating your value proposition or client persona, contact My Sassy Business.

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