How to outsource your PPC 

PPC – Pay per click advertising or Google Ads is what we are going to be mostly referring to in this blog.

Are you struggling to look after all aspects of your small business? Wearing all the different hats can be tiresome when you just want to look after the areas that you love. Outsourcing all or some of your marketing is one way you can free up time for yourself.

Are you looking to generate more business? Google Ads is a great addition to your marketing plans and it is one aspect that is very easy to outsource to a professional.


You have decided that you need to outsource your PPC (pay per click) advertising. What do you need to do next…

Perhaps you have a Google Ads account set up and running or your need to start from scratch. Either way, this blog will take you through the process and help you to decide the best way forward for your business. 

At My Sassy Business, we look after both new and existing PPC accounts to ensure you are getting results within your budget.

Think about your budget

You will have two costs ongoing:

  1. For the management of the ads – paid to your digital marketing professional
  2. For the cost per click of the ads (CPC) – generally paid directly to Google.

Management – This is the cost you pay to your Ads manager to ensure that your ads are working as well as they should be ongoing. Generally, this is a monthly fee which is relative to the number of ads you have running. 

CPC – This is the daily budget you are prepared to allocate $10 per day etc. It is then averaged out across a month and you are billed every time your ad is clicked. 

Speak to a digital marketing professional

This may be a small business or it may be a large agency that you select to look after your ads. 

Think about whether you would like to be able to speak to the same person each time who is local and understands your business. Or if you would prefer to work with a large agency that may not be as personal and will definitely cost more. Often it comes down to a personal preference. 

Consider: Are you looking for someone to only look after your ads or would you like them to look after other aspects of digital marketing for you?

Services: Do they provide the services you want today and into the future?

Location: Do they have an understanding of your location (being in the same country should be a minimum requirement)?

Communication: How do you communicate with each other and how often?

Knowledge: Is there an understanding of your industry, have you discussed your goals? 

Costs: Are the costs fixed or variable? 

Contracts: Are you locked into a contract for a set amount of time?

What’s next

Generally each month you should receive a rundown of what has happened over the last month along with any recommendations they may have.

If you have chosen a digital marketing professional that offers other services you can now consider what other services you could outsource to free up more of your time. By freeing up more time for yourself you then have more time to work on your business in the areas that you love.

Conclusion – How to outsource your PPC

If you are unsure about Google Ads for your business, speak to a digital marketing professional and see what they recommend for your specific business and budget.

At My Sassy Business, we offer all aspects of digital marketing including – Google Ads, SEO, Social Media Management and Advertising, plus newsletters, design and so much more.

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