When running an ad for your business, you want to send people to a landing page that makes them take action.

In nature – A flower ensures that it can attract pollinators by using scented or visual cues.

What cues do people get after they click on your ad? Is it going to inspire them to take action?

Your landing page must be:

  • Relevant
  • Branded
  • Clean and clear
  • Not too wordy
  • Loading quickly
  • Showing value
  • Showing a clear call to action

It must encourage people to take action and give you the results you need from your marketing. This is how to optimise your landing pages.

Be relevant

If you are running an ad from Google or Social Media and directing people to your website, you want the page they land on to be relevant to what you have advertised.

For example: If your business is a trade business that offers electrical and air conditioning, you don’t want your electrical ad going to the air conditioning page. If this happens, you are wasting your budget sending people to a page that is not specific to their needs.

You must ensure that your landing page meets your potential client’s expectations following their click on your ad.

A branded landing page

It should go without saying that your landing page must be branded to match your business.

However, some people create a landing page away from their website that doesn’t match their business as well as it should.

Your landing page should match any other page on your website and have access to your menu so that people can look at different aspects of your website too. Note: Your landing page can be a web page from your existing website.

Consistency in look and feel will give you better results.

Be clean and clear

Many people choose not just to use an existing page on their website. Instead, they create a specific landing page that relates solely to the ad they are running.

The landing page headline clearly explains the page and captures the reader’s attention quickly. There is no need to be vague or crafty; be specific.

Keep the content specific to a minimum, and don’t make the page too wordy.

A not too wordy landing page

No one has the time to read endless content on your landing page.

Use appropriate headings, bullet points and great images to convey your message. Keep it brief and to the point so that there is no confusion and people can act quickly.

If it is too wordy, people will lose interest.

If there are too many images, it may affect the time it takes to load.

Be fast-loading

People don’t want to wait for your landing page to load. They want their information now, and they want it relevant and fast.

You could also consider using a video to get your message across if that is relevant to your business. I have seen videos that overtake the entire page and are too much for the visitor to take in. A video should be calm and easy to watch.

A value-filled landing page

Why is your business the best choice?

When someone arrives at your landing page, what are the benefits of doing business with you?

How are you going to solve their problems?

Have a clear call to action

It needs to be easy to call, email, subscribe or buy.

Your call to action may be the first thing people see, and/or it can be throughout the page so that people can take action quickly.

For example, a button with Register today makes it easier to know what to do!

What’s next

You must consider the landing page if you direct people from another source to your website. Simply sending them to your home or service page is not always the best choice. You can do better!

Create a landing page that makes an impact and gets people to buy what you have on offer.

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