How to market to Baby Boomers

Definition: Baby Boomer – Born 1946 to 1964

Are Baby Boomers your ideal clients or do they form a part of your ideal client marketing targets?

Baby Boomers are born between 1946-1964 are in their 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Almost half have retired but almost a third are still working full-time. The majority own their own homes! Compared with previous generations at this age, Baby Boomers are healthier, more active, better educated and have higher expectations. They get frustrated when wrongly stereotyped as old and unadventurous. Both men and women feel much younger than their parents felt at the same age and are likely to live far longer than their parents.

What they love

Baby Boomers love Facebook – It is overwhelmingly the social platform of choice for this age bracket. Facebook has reported that in some cases over 90% of their content engagement is with Baby Boomers.What is social Commerce

Facebook is twice as popular as Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter for this demographic. And it is nine times as popular as Instagram. What platforms are you using?

Boomers are almost 20% more likely to share content on Facebook than any other generation. Just think about your friends and family – what age bracket shares the most, I know for me it is my older relatives who are constantly sharing!

Baby Boomers still love to read an article. They are more likely to take the time to engage with a text article compared to younger generations.

Printed magazines, brochures and direct mail is still a popular content format for this generation. They enjoy taking the time to read what has been sent to them and they will enjoy a creative and thoughtful message.

They are healthier and well-travelled – Baby Boomers have an interest in wellness and travel and often they have the disposable income to enjoy it.

So what now

With the average Baby Boomer spending a few hours every day on Facebook you cannot ignore this as the place to be. If your ideal clients are within the Baby Boomer range you must be visible on Facebook.

Be consistent – Post daily on social media

Use paid advertising – Use paid ads to target even furtherDoing Email the Right Way

Boost your posts – Boost the posts that you want to get a better reach

Use email marketing – Create thoughtful creative messages that you can send straight to their inbox

Blog – Make sure you consistently blog as Baby Boomers who follow you will read what you write.


If Baby Boomers are your ideal clients you can easily market to them in a thoughtful and creative way. They are more likely to share your content and they are more like to respond and engage with it in the way that you want and need.

If you need help getting in front of your ideal clients – contact Kelly at My Sassy Business

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