How to launch your next product.

Just like the recent Space X launch, your product launches can take a little trial and error to finally see what works for your business.

What are you selling? Is it a product, multiple products or a service?

Regardless of what you are selling social media and the internet is your perfect resource. Why? Because it is both cost-effective and scalable to meet your business goals and needs.

Your next product

How are you going to create a level of both excitement and interest to ensure that people buy what you have? You need to work out a plan, a potential timeline for the launch, and the following:

  • Social Media Images
  • Social Media Videos
  • Great captions for Social Media
  • Ads with a call to action
  • Landing pages
  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Emarketing
  • Guides
  • Events or Activations

We see big business, especially the fashion industry, doing this every day with new collections. You don’t have to do everything on this list but you do need to choose what is going to work for your business.

Create a level of excitement

How are you going to spark interest in your new product or service? What coming soon posts are you going to share? How much of a tease are you going to give your customers and potential customers?

Maybe you will use a countdown to grow the anticipation. Across social media, emarketing and landing pages a countdown clock can create a level of excitement.

What about previews and/or pre-orders of your product? Through video and images, this can create real interest and excitement to be among the first to take ownership.

Social media

By using posts, stories and ads you can covet not only your existing followers but MANY more. It is the perfect way to get your community talking and engaging with your brand. Ask them for their opinions and ask them to share their purchases. User-generated content is important for many brands and a great way to engage with their community.

Remember to respond to any questions and comments you receive as you may be answering questions that others are curious about.

Are you ready

With Social Media being one of the best ways to launch anything make sure it is top of the list on your launch plan. Great images and videos are perfect to share on social media so make sure they fit the format you choose. Don’t forget stories on social media, a lot of people are using stories instead of scrolling through their news feed.

If you need help launching your next product or service, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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