How to improve your website conversions

Are you getting traffic to your website but they are not converting into sales? Many times we work very hard on getting people to our websites but our websites are not set up for conversions.

When you are marketing your business you need to consider all aspects. This includes social media, SEO, SEM, database, and more just to get traffic to your website. Once they are there you want them to take action as just getting traffic is not enough.

What can you do

  • Review your content
  • Consider running A/B testing
  • Look at your calls to action
  • Are your headlines relevant
  • Is your pricing clear
  • E-commerce – delivery choices
  • Landing page relevance and quality
  • Image quality and subject
  • Navigation of your website
  • Value proposition
  • Page layout

Review your content

Is your content relevant and correct for your ideal clients?

Does it answer their questions and drive them to take action?

Consider running A/B testing

Running an A/B test is a simple concept and when done well it can provide you with an invaluable set of results.How to improve your website conversions

Look at your calls to action

Sometimes this can be as simple as changing the colour of the button you want people to click on. Making it more visually appealing. You may change what the words are on the button or make the button larger or smaller. Your call to action should be clearly visible and it works differently for all types of businesses and websites. Measuring this through an A/B test is a great way to work out which call to action performs better.

Are your headlines relevant

The headline of any page should tell the viewer exactly what they can expect and it may include a call to action too. Also not forgetting that it should be SEO relevant and well thought out.

Is your pricing clear

People want to know if what you offer is within their budget. This can be by displaying your actual prices or it can be by showing your starting prices. Either way, this is a great way to qualify people before you have to speak to them. It can also increase your conversions are people are getting answers immediately without having to look around.

E-commerce – delivery choices

I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT it is for e-commerce to illustrate their free shipping. You must show that you offer FREE SHIPPING in the most visible way possible. The highest reason people abandon their carts is additional costs when checking out.

Landing page relevance and quality

When you are running ads having a quality landing page can make all the difference to increasing conversions. Show an incentive to buy, keep it simple, use A/B testing, be cautious about making it too promotional and gimmicky.

Image quality and subject

Using high-quality images is something that should go without saying but time and time again I see websites that are lacking in this area. Think about your ideal clients and their expectations of you. What do they want and expect to see when deciding to do business with you.

Navigation of your website

Keep it simple to show people where you want them to go and what you want them to do. For example – When you are using landing pages having a menu may not be necessary unless you want people to travel through your website.

Value proposition

What is your value proposition – this is different for everyone and varies greatly depending on the type of business you are running.

Value for an e-commerce business could be – Free shipping, one-day shipping, free returns, same-day shipping, inshore or online returns.

Page layout

Just like the navigation of your website the layout fo the pages should be clear and simple. Most people expect that your menu will be at the top along with your contact information. In this menu, there should be standard page choices.

Having your contact information easy to find is probably one of the most important aspects. Make sure you include your location and phone number so people know you are real.

Don’t overload your pages with content but don’t skimp either, make sure you have enough words for Google to index you correctly.

E-commerce – think about your products and if they are easy to see and choose from.


A website is a major part of any small business so it should be a constant work in progress to improve it and how you are seen online. Consider testing options before you lock them in as you may be surprised by the results you gain.

If you need help with your small business contact Kelly at My Sassy Business.

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