How to find eCommerce success

If you have had an eCommerce store for a while or you are just getting started, here are some tips that you should be able to check off your list.

With more and more people doing all their shopping online, how will you achieve eCommerce success!

Your look

Make sure that the look and feel of your website are consistent. Your logo should be visible, your colours and fonts should be consistent. Just these simple things will help to build recognition in the minds of people who buy from you.

This way when they see your posts on social or your ads online they will recognise your business. It is not uncommon for people to need to notice your business 5 to 8 times before they feel comfortable doing business with you.

Ask for it

Each and every page of your eCommerce site should entice people to buy. Promotions, new products, discounts for signing up, free delivery and more should all be very visible. Plus if you are proudly Australian made, share this detail.

In asking for it, make it easy to add to cart!


Not everyone will shop on sites that offer a preorder, however, when you have trust from your shoppers they will feel far more comfortable with a preorder. Manage expectations by saying how long your customers will have to wait and make sure you exceed these expectations.

In stock

Having everything in stock is the ideal scenario for all eCommerce. You will not have angry or disappointed customers and you won’t lose a sale. This is not always easy, affordable or convenient to do but it will make your customers happy when they receive your product in a day or so. These same customers are likely to return as they know they will receive the items they want quickly.

Top products

If you have hugely popular products you should share this fact on your home page and on your social media. People love to know what has been popular as they then have a feeling they will love it too.


Reviews of your products create knowledge and trust for your new and returning customers. Potential customers can see what others have thought and read any feedback that may be relevant to them.

Searching & Categories

Searching – If you have more than a handful of products you should have the option to search on your website.

Categories – Smart well thought out categories make it easy for people to view your different product lines. Make sure you have an introduction to each category and an image if it is relevant.

Who are you

Your visitors will be curious about your why, your story, what you look like and where you are located. All this info helps to build confidence in doing business with you. The more open you are the more your visitors can relate and have a connection to your business.

Ease of shop

It must be easy to find the shopping cart on your website. Don’t try to be smart or cute, just make it obvious. Don’t forget to make your shipping costs or your free shipping promotion highly visible throughout your website.

Let people use a fast checkout option, not everyone wants to sign their life away just to buy something.

Discount to subscribe

The vast majority of stores offer this and your store should be no exception. $20 off or a % discount, make sure it is enticing and relevant.

Images & Description

Images – You must have great images and plenty of them, even a video if possible. This will make the barrier to purchase so much lower as people know exactly what to expect.

Description – Unique descriptions are essential and they require effort to ensure you answer ALL the potential questions that your customer may have.

Prices & Payments

Prices – There is nothing worse than getting all the way to the checkout and find out out the price is different or the shipping is not quoted.

You do not want abandoned carts!

PaymentsPayPal, Afterpay, Credit Cards and anything else, make it easy for people to pay you.


Make sure that you clearly display your handling time so people know what to expect. If you offer free express delivery when people spend over a certain amount – promote it!

How good is it when you shop online and your parcel arrives quickly?


It takes time to grow any business and an online store is no different. You need to build trust, market your business and remember that the internet is a busy place. Standing out online takes time and effort.

If you need help marketing your online store, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business.

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