How to fill up your SEO juice

Back in the day, there were many ways you could trick Google search results into thinking your website had all the answers.

Since Google updates their algorithm on an ongoing basis and in various ways, this has changed drastically. Google is smart enough now to know that it needs to keep people (its searchers) happy.

Keeping searchers happy is exactly what your website has to do too.

People that are searching for your products or services want to find the answers they are looking for. Regardless of if your business is marketing to consumers or other businesses – you are marketing to PEOPLE.

Where can you be found?

  • Storefront or Office – Specific Location
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google My Business
  • Local Directories
  • National Directories
  • Industry-Specific Directories

If you are in business, when was the last time that you checked if everything, everywhere was up to date?

How to fill up your SEO juice

It is vital to remember that it is not just your website that influences your SEO. People who are going to do business with you will do so because they trust you. It is not just because you appeared first in the search results. You have to tick off your entire ideal clients’ checklist of wants and needs. This list can be both online and offline and will include every possible chance that your clients have to come across your business.

Storefront – SEO

If you have a visible store that people come to do business with you, naturally it must be presented well. You may have designed it with colour and layout to ensure people find it easy to shop there. Don’t however; make it the only place they can find you. In the 21st century, you need a professional website, social media, local directories plus more. You may need to have a rewards system, newsletter, staff uniforms, aprons, hats, store signage, vehicle signage etc.

Office – SEO

Many small businesses will have an office, this office may be public but it may also be private in your home. If you will have people visit you in your office it needs to be a suitable representation of your business. You may have signage externally or internally for your business. In the 21st century, you need a professional website, social media, local directories plus newsletters and more.

Website – SEO

A professional up to date website is essential for every business. You must spend the time and money to have this in place and meet Google best practice. It must be filled with information that is relevant to your ideal clients to answer their needs.

Outsourcing your SEO is a great way to ensure you are on task to achieve this.

Facebook – SEO

A professional Facebook page that has been optimised for your business and has regular posts about your business is a must. Your posts should be varied, consistent and drive people to take action with your business. You should use hashtags to help with your SEO and brand your images with your business.

Instagram – SEO

To create and maintain a professional Instagram page also takes time. It should be optimised for your business, have regular and consistent posts relevant to your business. You should include relevant hashtags and inspire people to make contact with your business.

LinkedIn – SEO

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and relevant to your current position as a business owner. People who are looking to do business with you make view your profile first to see who you are connected with and your experience.

Twitter – SEO

Your professional twitter profile should be optimised for your business and include regular, consistent posts with relevant hashtags for your business.

Social Media – SEO

It is important to remember that all Social Media will affect your SEO. If you are going to have a social account set up you must use it and ensure you have the best possible view for your potential clients. Never just set up and account and forget about it.

Google My Business – SEO

This is perfect for all business, not just ones who have or want local clients. It makes Google search results for your business far more professional. It improves your local SEO.

SEO Juice Google My Business

Local Directories – SEO

There are local online directories that you can list your business in for zero cost. This will improve your business SEO and the chance of being found online.

National Directories – SEO

There are national online directories that you can list your business in for zero cost. This will improve your business SEO and the chance of being found online.

Industry Specific Directories – SEO

Does your industry have specific directories that you can be a part of? Make sure you are listed in these, particularly if they offer the choice of a free listing or a listing as part of your membership. Membership directories are perfect for trades businesses and other professionals.


Getting the flow of SEO juice to your business is achievable, but it is also hard work. Consider the aspects that you can outsource to other professionals and what you will do yourself.

Remember that the key to digital marketing success is consistency. If you need help with any areas mentioned above, please be in touch.

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