How to drive your brands’ growth

Now is the time to take a long term view of your business. Far too many small business owners look at the short term and expect magic overnight results. This is often highly unrealistic and can set the business and marketing efforts up for failure.

Yes, we all want short term successes but the reality is that focussing on long-term brand building is truly the key to success and profitability.

Long term success

While paid advertising can provide you with short term results of clicks to your website or purchasing your product. Will this give you long term success for your brand?

Aligned with your paid advertising you need campaigns that allow people to remember your brand and provide connections. It is these brand connections that will ensure your brand comes to mind when your ideal clients are looking for your product or service.

Consistent posts to your social media channels

  • Regular blogs to your website
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO
  • Paid advertising
  • Brand Engagement – Don’t just post without also engaging
  • Don’t rely on a single medium

A Kantar Milward Brown study revealed that marketing only through one medium was less effective overall. Other brands which had a varied distribution delivered far better results.

Digital media proves to be 3 times more successful than TV so you need to distribute your brand evenly across the relevant areas.

Awareness – Consideration – Association

By remaining consistent with your digital marketing you keep your ideal clients aware of your brand. It allows your business to be a part of their consideration process and for your brand to be associated with your product or service.

Your ideal clients

  • What platforms are they using?
  • How are they searching on Google?
  • Which social media channels are they frequenting?
  • Spending on Facebook and Instagram advertising is a strategy you need to be in front of your ideal clients?
  • How can you provide value?

Show who you are

Have you heard the quote “Your vibe attracts your tribe”?

While some businesses are more serious than others the majority of businesses can share some sort of sense of humour within their marketing.

As you can see from this graph 36% of consumers were prompted to purchase following a funny post. Keep things light but stay professional.

I do recommend that you stay away from controversial subjects, religion and politics which could all damage your brand.

Conclusion – Have you been doing enough to get found by your ideal clients? Are they going to remember who you are when they want what you have on offer?

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