How to Drive traffic from Social Media

Statistics show that businesses who are using social media well can generate, on average, 30% of their website traffic. (Shareaholic)

What are you doing across social media?

According to the report, this statistic is up around 9% from last year. So in very simple terms using social media will help with the optimisation of your website and the traffic.

Choose your own adventure –

Eggs in a basket

Regular followers will know that I have mentioned at various times to spread your efforts. Have a great website, awesome social media and then your personal referrals, word of mouth etc. never have all your eggs just in one basket. By putting all your efforts just in one area you run the risk of that area failing. When you choose several areas they work together to be greater than the sum of them.

So how do you drive the traffic your way

When we are discussing social media my focus will be Facebook first as it remains number 1 in terms of users and traffic.

If you have no idea or no interest in Facebook, take the time to outsource it. This way you have your social media receiving regular posts and you can focus on your business.

Facebook best practices

  • Interesting images that will evoke people’s interest
  • Links back to your website
  • Links back to your blog
  • Interesting articles from other relevant sources
  • Links to your products
  • Regular paid advertising
  • Occasionally boosting posts
  • Sharing the same content more than once
  • Optimising your Facebook Page for search engines

Images – Create your own branded images, keep them simple and keep your brand in mind. Images are a great way to vary your content, you can send a similar message but the image attracts people differently. Images can include a quote or a question or a statistic or be just an image. Make sure your image is a good size for the social account you are using.

Links – Your website is or should be full of relevant information, sharing a link gives people a reason to go there. Blogs are a great way to drive traffic, so don’t just keep them on your website, share them. Other relevant articles will not drive traffic to your site but it will help people to engage with your content. Finally, if you have products or services, linking to them can give you a sale.

Advertising – Running paid ads can be an amazing way of driving traffic to your website. It is incredibly affordable and you can increase or decrease your budget accordingly.

Boosting posts – If you have a post with great engagement/clicks you can hit the boost button and it works very similarly to running an ad.

Duplicating content – This is great for blog posts but it is also great for image posts. When you have a great engagement or blog you want lot’s of people to see, sharing it several times over means that new people will see it. Multiplying the traffic back to your website is a great thing so never be afraid to duplicate content.

Some people do worry about this concept but chances are that no one will even notice, let alone care. In marketing your business you need to remember that no one notices every single thing that you do!

Lastly, remember that not everyone sees every post you do so sharing several times over just increase the chances of being seen.

If you need help – My Sassy Business offers both advice on how you can do social media better and the option to outsource your social media and SEO if you don’t have time.

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