How to combat shopping cart abandonment

Online shopping has been growing for quite some time. The events of 2020 sent the online shopping world through the roof as more people than ever before shopped online.

This time in the world has also led more people to open their own online eCommerce business. With this growth, the internet and the competition to gain a sale has never been busier.

Have you started your own eCommerce store?

Online shopping

Have you ever been on a website, added to the shopping cart and then decided not to by?

What were the reasons you choose to abandon the cart? 

  • Hidden shipping costs
  • Distraction 
  • Long checkout process
  • Payment options
  • Trust issues
  • Have to create an account 
  • Or something else

Perhaps you were just dreaming and it is a window-shopping add to cart that you were never going to buy anyway. Regardless of the reason, you can ensure that your eCommerce store does not suffer from the same issues. Here are some clear tips for you to combat shopping cart abandonment. 

Shipping costs

If you have an eCommerce website you need to have a CLEAR explanation of what the shipping costs will be. If your shipping costs are not calculated until your buyer is going through the checkout process, shopping cart abandonment is going to be the likely outcome. 

Options for you to display:

  • Make it clear that free shipping is available for purchases over $$
  • Flat rate shipping regardless of your spend is $$
  • Shipping is calculated on bulky items (don’t make people go through the checkout for this)


When we are online as shoppers we can inevitably get distracted by another website, the kids, a phone call, Facebook etc. 

If your shopper is registered or partway through the checkout you can have a checkout recovery email send to them. This is one of the best ways to get people to return and checkout with their items. 

Purchasing habits have changed SEO

How to combat shopping cart abandonment

Long checkout process

How simple is your checkout process? 

Do people have to give endless information just to buy from you? 

Is it page after page after page just to make a small purchase? 

Take the time to ensure that your checkout process is simple and as short as possible. 

Payment options

One of the most common payment methods is PayPal.

Almost everyone is familiar with it and they know that if there is ever an issue PayPal will help to resolve it. It also offers the option for people to pay via PayPal with their credit cards without having a PayPal account. 

Ideally, you should try to offer as many payment options as you can including payment plan companies like AfterPay. 

Your shoppers (ideal clients) will have a preferred way of paying when they shop online. If you are not offering this option they may decide not to shop with you. 

Trust Issues

There are many sites across the internet that are not genuine. Shoppers remain cautious about giving over their sensitive information like personal details and credit card information. 

  • Make sure your website is working well
  • Ensure that your SSL certificate is active – You must have this even if you are not an eCommerce store. 
  • Have up to date privacy information and terms of sale on your website. 
  • Ensure that your information including location and phone number is as transparent as possible. Having just a PO Box does not show that you are a real business. 

Have to create an account

When you are trying to buy something online and there is no option other than to create an account it just takes more time. Make sure you offer ‘Guest Checkout’ which allows people to enter less information.

Or have an express checkout with PayPal and their information is automatically filled from PayPal. 


Here I have offered just six reasons and I’m sure there are many more that could be added. 

It is also vital that you remember small business is not going to give you overnight success. The internet is a busy space and it takes time for your online store to find its place in the online world. So if you still need help in working out how to combat shopping cart abandonment get in touch

Be patient and if you need help contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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