How to build your empire with Social media

Some of the reasons that small business still refuse to use social media are:

  • My customers are not on social media
  • We already know who our customers are
  • Talking to our customers in person is what we do
  • We are not looking for customers
  • It is just a platform for people to complain
  • I deal with business not people

If you think that your customers are not on social media, how well do you actually know your customers! Even if you only see your customers in person you need to know who they are and you can engage online while they are not in your store.

Create a detailed description of your ideal clients and this is essential for both B2C and B2B business to do. Businesses, both big and small are all run by people and those people are on social media.

If you need help detailing your ideal clients please arrange a meeting with Kelly and My Sassy Business.

Now, assuming you know your ideal clients – what platforms are they using? Remember that Facebook remains the number one platform so don’t exclude it.

How should you start?

So, what platforms are your ideal demographic likely to be using? Educate yourself across the top rating platforms as a start and remember they are the top rating for a good reason. Naturally, there are a lot more than I have illustrated below as I have only mentioned the top couple of social media platforms.

Facebook – Remains number one and is constantly adding new features and enabling a business to target their followers. Yes, the business page reach has drastically dropped, so don’t keep doing what you have always done, change your plan accordingly. There is little point complaining that your reach has dropped, educate yourself and work out how to improve it. Follow My Sassy Business on Facebook.

Live video on Facebook – Don’t just jump on this bandwagon because you can, live video is not for everyone. I personally am over sick and tired of seeing poor quality outdoor, bad lighting, bad sound video and will scroll straight past. Again think about what your ideal clients want – if it is NOT bad quality video plan ahead. Live doesn’t have to be spare of the moment video.

Instagram – is growing rapidly and they too (owned by Facebook) are changing the rules. Make sure you know what is changing and how to evolve with it. Instagram stories allow it to have a feature that is very similar to snap chat. This is a great way to give a photo or video of what you are currently doing. It is also great to have it part of one platform. Follow My Sassy Business on Instagram

YouTube – While this is 2nd to Facebook it may not be necessary for you to be on, do your research. It is not something that all business needs to apply too. There are many factors, quality being just one of them so don’t feel guilty if you are not on YouTube. Remember though that there are a lot of influencers on there that you may be able to utilise.

How should you review?

  • Look at your existing channels, are they still working, what can you change or improve.
  • Read your descriptions and ensure they are still correct
  • How often do you post? Aim for daily
  • Are you consistent with your posts
  • Do you always respond to comments and messages?

Should you choose an influencer?

Choosing an influencer is one way of spreading your product or service to a wider audience. If their followers/viewers match your ideal clients it can be a gold mine. Have a read of my recent blog about this very topic of Social Media Influencers.


  • Don’t just give your social media accounts to your teenager.
  • It is going to cost good money to get good results
  • Do they have good knowledge about your business
  • How often will they post
  • What will you be providing them, if anything
  • You still should understand the social platform and also review the posts, share them or comment to help with reach

Social Media is an essential part of being in business in 2017 and getting the online reach you need. Don’t ignore it and don’t leave yourself uneducated about it.

Kelly Robinson and My Sassy Business can manage it for you – enquire today.

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