How much does SEO cost?

Just like any other product or service SEO comes in many different variations and prices. When it comes to deciding what SEO provider to go with you need to take into account the things that matter to you and to your business.

What is cheap SEO for one business may not be cheap SEO for another business! If you go ahead with the cheapest package you can find you cannot expect that your results are going to be the same as if you spent double or triple the amount.

It is important not to be naive when it comes to SEO, as, just like any industry, there are plenty of not so great operators.

There are always going to be people who will over promise and under deliver.

* Be wary when you are offered guarantees as the SEO operator has no control over what Google will do. The guarantee maybe not existent in the small print.

There are people who will use old SEO practices.

* Even operators in Australia are using old techniques or are not up to date with the latest recommendations. Perhaps they offer SEO for their clients and don’t actually do anything each month. I have heard and seen many horror stories and false promises.

There are people who will outsource overseas and the overseas provider is using old automated spam techniques.

* Bad Backlinks are one example, the use of automated spam tools is another and both can get you banned from Google.

There are providers who insist that you use Ad-words as part of your SEO campaign.

* While your SEO may be cheap, they may recommend you spend up to $1000 per month or more on Ad-Words.

There are providers who guarantee you page one for certain terms.

* Google is not just about one term as every person searching for something online, types a different query into Google

There are SEO providers who will give you incredibly detailed reports each month 20 pages in length or more.

* If you read the report, do you understand it and have you noticed a difference. Is the phone ringing with new enquiries or are forms on your website being filled out? Are people telling you how they found your site? Are you asking them what they typed into Google to find you?

A lengthy report that you probably won’t read means nothing if the phone isn’t ringing!

How do you decide?

What do you want?

  • Do you want increased sales?
  • A report on your current website?
  • Ongoing SEO work?
  • Content Marketing?
  • An increase in overall rankings?
  • Brand awareness?

Speak to a few operators

  • Compare apples with apples.
  • Ask people for recommendations but also remember that what works for one may not work for another as industry success varies along with budgets.
  • Ask about their understanding of your industry.
  • Make sure they are doing the work in-house if that is important to you.
  • Ask about case studies.
  • Ask about minimum contract time.
  • Know your budget and see if it fits with their recommendations for your wants and needs.
  • Are they open with the work that they do?
  • Is their focus around you achieving your goals for your business?
  • Ask where they get most of their new business from – Is it Google?
  • Do they contribute to the industry through their own blog, social media and more?

My Sassy Business does offer SEO packages and we are primarily focused on getting your phone to ring or your enquiry form to be filled out. So if this is what you are looking for, have a look at our SEO packages or Digital Marketing packages.

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