How long does it take to rank on Google

How long is a piece of string you may ask? Is there a way to be on page 1 of the results quickly? Why do I keep getting emails and phone calls that tell me they can get my website on page one?

So many questions and so few answers – The simple and straightforward answer is that it takes TIME and hard work.


Without taking SEO into consideration it may take a whole lot longer than the blow infographic shows. It is still going to be a mystery though as Google has the ultimate control of the ranking outcomes for any given website. So the companies that try to promise simply cannot deliver unless they take some black hat techniques. Black hat techniques can see your website banned by Google!

At My Sassy Business, we do offer SEO services only using white hat techniques as recommended by Google. We have had awesome results for the vast majority of our clients who stick with the work required to succeed. By completing honest and dedicated work you do get results! As indicated in the graphic there will always be a few businesses who a lucky and rank sooner and it depends on many factors. For others who remember that SEO is a long-term solution will benefit long-term in receiving results that STICK and keep your website ranking well. It is also another reason why we offer our SEO services for a minimum of 6 months so that you actually have time to improve and see results.

Below you will see an infographic from Ahrefs and shared in a number of places like The Website Group UK. This infographic will give you a great reality check about Google rankings and what it can take.

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Courtesy of: The Website Group

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