How does local search work

Everyone who is running their own business wants their ideal clients to be able to find them. For a local business like a restaurant with a physical location or a service business like a gardener, you need to be found. This blog will show you the key indicators that Google uses. 

Are you a business who needs to target their local clientele? With the internet, many businesses can easily operate on a global scale. However, even global businesses should be optimised for local search. 

If you are one of many businesses who only operate in their local market – tradies, hairdressers and restaurants for example. your business needs to ensure that it has a professional website which is optimised for local SEO and they have a Google My Business verified listing. 

Do you have your website optimised for Google’s local algorithm? 


The great thing about Google is that it provides you with plenty of information. So, how does local search work – When someone searches and Google thinks that it has a local intent you get the results it deems as the most relevant to you. You will get results with a map of locality and then all the organic results below that. Google

These results are fueled by proximity, prominence and relevance.


This is your location when you search via your phone or computer. It is where Google thinks you are located and it will show a postcode for where it thinks you are. 

Next time you search on Google (desktop) scroll to the bottom of your search results to see what postcode it is choosing. On your mobile phone, you provide Google with even more detail with geolocation. 


This is how important Google considers your business to be in providing the answer that a Google searcher is looking for. Remember Google is working for its clients and they are the people using the Google search engine. 

  • Does your business have a good level of traffic?
  • Are you mentioned via other directories and websites?
  • Do you have Google reviews and how many do you have? 


How relevant does Google think you are in relation to the query which has been put into the search bar? 

  • Well structured website content
  • Onsite SEO
  • The category of your Google My Business listingGoogle My Business - My Sassy Business
  • Your business name
  • Citations of your address
  • The content within the reviews for your business.

Are you listed on Google My Business? 

If your business already covers all these items and is getting great results – Congratulations. If your business is not covering these items and you would like some help, please get in touch for an obligation free discussion.

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