How are you caring for your clients?

Clients, customers, buyers, shoppers, purchasers, patients, audience, walk-ins and more – how are you caring for them?

It should go without saying that if you are in business you are in the business of helping people. Your business delivers benefits to your clients in the form of a product or service or both and caring should be a large part of what you do.

Whether you are selling widgets or delivering chiropractic services you are helping people and providing a benefit.

So while you are doing your business how are you caring for your clients?

Caring – adjective. Displaying kindness and concern for others.

Perhaps you have seen information about wearing face masks – ‘I wear a mask to protect you – you wear a mask to protect me.’

This is potentially the simplest form of caring when you are face to face in the current climate of 2020.

Your clients

When you have a client, new or returning, they are looking at product or service to fulfil a need they have. Naturally, you want them to choose your business and taking a caring approach can really help.

Caring for them may be…

  • Asking how their day is going and caring about the answer
  • Consistently underpromising and over-delivering
  • Asking if they would like fries with that
  • Suggesting something that may work better than what they initially enquired about
  • Touching base when you haven’t heard from them in a while
  • Up-selling is not just about meeting sales targets it should be about caring to provide a great solution
  • Making the effort to really hear what your clients want and need from you

You and your staff

It is very easy for staff but also for business owners to get stuck in a rut of just doing the minimum to get by. We have all seen it in a retail store where the staff are too busy talking to each other to care. In a coffee shop where you wait and wait and wait. In a business that overpromises and under-delivers. We have all seen it and perhaps some of us are stuck – it is time for a change.

Care about yourself – Taking care of yourself and your own mental health is the easiest way to ensure that you are able to care for your clients. If you are stuck in a rut with your business maybe it is time to reevaluate, sell the business or close the business and do something else. You are not a tree, you can move and make choices.

You have to care about your staff – If your staff know that you care about them and your show it, they will care about your clients. The staff member who is distracted by their phone and not interested in your clients does not feel cared about in your business nor do they care about your business. How you treat your staff is how they will treat your clients.


Caring about others and the way that they engage with your business should be something you do daily. Remember that clients who feel heard and cared for are far more likely to return and far more likely to share their great experience with others.

Are you sharing the ways that you care for your clients? Perhaps you need to write a blog or share a recent interaction on social media to showcase your efforts.

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