Have you heard these 9 digital marketing myths? 

What are some of the digital marketing myths you have heard? Let me know!

You may have heard some of these myths from various sources, as a professional I would like to debunk them for you. 

  • I don’t need to market my business I have plenty of customers
  • Websites are not necessary
  • Digital marketing is expensive
  • My competition doesn’t bother with digital marketing, why should I
  • Posting on every available platform is essential
  • SEO does not work
  • I sell to everyone why do I need to market online
  • Email marketing isn’t effective
  • I have a website, that’s all I need

Take the time to read through these 9 digital marketing myths that I have heard many times over.

Digital marketing myth #1 – I have plenty of customers

Many businesses believe that they have more than enough customers and they have no need to digitally market their business. Digital marketing is therefore not even on the radar for some business owners. 

By ignoring digital marketing these businesses run the risk of being forgotten over time. The vast majority of people are choosing to do their research online prior to doing business and even beyond doing business with someone. What would your customers say if they couldn’t find you online?

Today more than 70% of people do their research online before deciding to buy from a business. 

If you are not prioritising digital marketing you are potentially sending existing and new customers to your competitors who are using digital marketing.

Get started with digital marketing today so that your customers stay your customers. 

Digital marketing myth #2 – Websites are not necessary

There are business owners who have never had a website and cannot see the need to have one. Also, some new business owners do not see the benefit of having a website for their business. Hopefully, if you are reading this I can change your mind or help you to advise someone you know to make this change. 

Are you planning to be in business for the long term?

Your ideal clients want to be able to find you online and your website is just the starting point. As the starting point, we need to ensure it is a beautiful representation of your business that inspires people to do business with you. 

If you are still not convinced that you need a website for your business I would appreciate the opportunity to convince you otherwise.  

Digital marketing myth #3 – Its too expensive

Plenty of small business owners avoid even thinking about digital marketing as they fear it is too expensive.

Often there is a fear that only big businesses can afford digital marketing. 

The fact is that businesses of every shape and size can and should be using digital marketing. From solo operators all the way up to very large businesses, digital marketing is for everyone. It remains the best way to create an integrated marketing solution for your business and get people contacting you to do business with you.

As part of your business planning efforts 8-10% of your revenue should be allocated to your marketing efforts. How much do you spend? 

Digital marketing myth #4 – My competitors don’t bother, why should I

This myth is one that can be incredibly detrimental to your business. Stop watching your competitors and leap ahead of them by using digital marketing.

By using digital marketing you have the ability to reach not only your ideal clients but potentially your competitors’ clients, too.

How would it feel if you could stay ahead of the competition and grow the online exposure of your business?

Digital marketing myth #5 – Posting on every platform is essential

Quality over quantity. Choose the right social media sites that your clients are also using. For example – You may only need to be posting on Instagram and Facebook.  

When you choose the most relevant platforms you can focus on those alone and post content of high quality that benefits your ideal clients and inspires them to do business with you.

  • If you are sharing your blog on social media it is driving people back to your website.
  • If you are sharing a tip, it may just resonate with someone who needs to hear it. 

Many business owners feel that if they post to every different channel they will get more exposure. The problem with this method is that if you are not operating with best practices across all these channels you are wasting your time. Instead, choose 2 or 3 channels and do it professionally yourself or outsource it to a professional. 

If you are still trying to post something to every different channel it is time to stop and create a strategy that benefits your customers. You will never beat the algorithms that these platforms and search engines have, instead, you must operate with best-practice methods and be there for your customers/clients.

Digital marketing myth #6 – SEO does not work 

SEO or search engine optimisation is as beneficial as it always was. It remains a long term solution to getting your business found online when your ideal clients are searching. 

By using SEO, it will get and maintain your website in a position within the search results that helps to ensure that your ideal clients can find and come to you.

Do you want your customers/clients to find you rather than you need to search for them? If the answer is yes, then it is time to be working on your SEO. 

Digital marketing myth #7 – Selling to everyone means digital marketing will not work for me

Chances are that if you are a small business you are not selling to everyone, even a large business like Nike is not selling to everyone. If you are still under this misconception it is time to rethink your marketing plan.

Who are your ideal clients? Have you created a client/customer persona?

  • Where do they live
  • What jobs do they have
  • Are you B2B or B2C or a mix of both
  • If you are B2B what are the demographics of the people who work for these organisations?
  • What problems are you solving with your business?

The great thing with digital marketing is that you can be very specific with your marketing when you are clear with your message.

  • Do you want to sell something specific?
  • Do you have a location you wish to target?
  • What is your speciality?
  • What problems do you solve?

All these things and more can be targeted with digital marketing. 

Digital marketing myth #8 – Email Marketing is not effective

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to stay in touch with your database and to ultimately earn more revenue. 

Naturally, the methods vary between service businesses and product businesses however the return on investment remains high. Statistically around $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

If your clients like your business, then receiving a weekly update of new products and specials is just what they are looking for. For a service business, their email marketing is preferred monthly as then updates and knowledge can be shared without bombarding anyone’s email inbox. 

How often are you using email marketing? Should you outsource it to a professional so that your database hears from you consistently?

Digital marketing myth #9 – I already have a website

It is important to know that having a website is not enough.

Your website needs to be up to date and modern but it also needs to be found by the right people. If you are not doing any digital marketing beyond just having a website, how will your ideal clients find you on the WWW?

Is your website more than 2 years old? An old website can leave people be disappointed if they actually do find you? Is your website mobile responsive – If not Google will not be ranking it well due to its mobile-first algorithm?

When it comes to websites people have expectations and your website needs to not only meet but exceed your client’s expectations. Is it time you refreshed your website? 


9 digital marketing myths only just scrape the surface of improving your online exposure. It is vital that you are constantly marketing your business even when you are busy so that you never give your competitors the chance to pass you.

If you are still unsure ask Kelly for a digital marketing proposal for your business today. Stay ahead of your competition and support your customers and clients in finding your business easily. 

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