Google micro-moments to understand

You, me your customers and mine are all impatient and impulsive when it comes to finding a business we need or want. We all jump onto our phones wherever we are and want immediate answers to our questions.

All the latest research (By Google) points to the desire for instant gratification – something I have been telling my clients for a while now. (Miss Sassy)

Google micro moments to understand

Google reports:

  • Search interest in “Open Now” has tripled over the last two years to meet the need of impromptu decisionsGoogle micro moments to understand
  • Mobile searches relating to same day shipping have grown over 120% since 2015
  • 76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby, visit a business within a day
  • Over the past two years, travel-related searches have grown by over 150% on mobile devices with people wanting today or tonight hotels and flight queries
  • 3 in 4 smartphone owners turn to search first to address their immediate needs

While expecting instant information we are now expecting products or services in the same amount of time. As consumers we are not willing to wait a few days – we want it now! We are not going to add an additional task to our day we are going to look for a business that can do it for us.

“I need a quote today” “I need a new dress delivered today”

Google micro moments to understand

How then as business owners do we meet all of these expectations

1) Mobile responsive websites – Have a look at the My Sassy Business website on both your computer and mobile to see the differences.

Google reports that 53% of people will leave a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and for every one-second delay in load time conversions fall by 12%. Unfortunately, the vast majority of websites are failing this test. The top performers are testing at about 3.9 seconds but the average seems to be more like 22 seconds. These are Googles statistics and it shows a real problem for businesses!

Test your mobile site speed with Google

2) Professional design, hosting and more

It is not worth trying to do your website on the cheap or similar when there are so many factors required for a successful website. Not all designers are created equal either!

Visual design, hosting, image said and more can all reduce the speed and mobile workability of your website.

Remember that more than half of all web traffic is coming from mobile devices

3) Is your business location talked about on your website beyond your contact page?

  • Your contact page should have your actual location and a map for people to see where you are.
  • Throughout your website, you should also discuss your location and the areas that you service.
  • Remember not to be spammy though, you want your content to still be natural and easy to read.
  • 51% of smartphone users have purchased from a company/brand other than the one they intended to because the information provided was useful.

4) Have you set up Google My Business and verified your business?

This remains one of the easiest ways you can help your business to get found online and have all your relevant data available when people are searching online. It is also the place where people can leave and read reviews about your business and see if you are open. You can add images and more to help people discover your business and see that you are a REAL business. Just jump online and look up “Google My Business” it is very easy to set up and they will send you a postcard for verification.

5) E-Commerce Businesses

  • If you offer Free Delivery – promote it
  • Do you offer same-day delivery – promote it

Google micro moments to understand

All of the statistics contained in this blog are micro-moments which occur on Google and they are highly relevant for people in small business – How are you going to improve the way you do business?

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