Google Ads are for small business

Google Ads are not just for big business with a massive budget!

Businesses of all sizes from solo operating micro-business to big business can take advantage and be on page one with Google Ads.

Typically the results are instant with Google ads and your brand awareness, enquiries and sales numbers increase accordingly.

Remember that with ads you are only getting traffic when the ads are running so you should be complimenting them with search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO provides you with a long term solution to getting found in the organic search results of Google and other search engines.

Do Google ads work for small business

The simple answer is yes. Google ads (formerly Google Adwords) can be incredibly effective for driving traffic to your small business.

It makes it very easy to stick below a specific budget as your ads will stop running once your daily budget has been reached. If your ad is relevant the cost per click tends to decrease over time as Google rewards you with better placement. Plus the constant tweaking and optimisation of your ads via management ultimately allow your ad to have higher performance ongoing.

Generally, people who click on the paid ads which are part of the search results page are ready to buy. You may also have seen display ads (ads with pictures) elsewhere and these work especially well for building brand awareness and for remarketing.

Google ads are not just for online business, they can work to drive foot traffic to your actual store. After a consumer does their research online they will visit a store to see what they have been looking for.

Do you do research online or do you still go from store to store to find the best product and price?

Be specific

When Google Ads are created there is a choice of where you send the person who has clicked. This is called a landing page. A landing page from your ad can be any page of your website or you can create a specific page (not a visible part of your website). This specific landing page can be customised and optimised to convert this visitor to a buyer.

Being specific in this way you can create a landing page that is compelling enough to turn this individual into a sale. You ultimately control what the visitor is seeing and the path that you want them to take in your customer journey.

Not for everyone

While Google ads can be incredibly effective for a range of businesses there will always be businesses that it does not work for.

These tend to be the types of business that need a very personal approach were a direct referral sometimes is the better option. Or for businesses where there is a lot of competition and your competitors all have a much higher budget that you currently have.

Google Ads or Facebook ads

We recently covered this topic via a blog. While these two options are similar a wise business should be creating complementary campaigns across both for maximum exposure. If you are going to choose only one, think about the strengths of each. Try each of them and see which one gives you the best results for your business.

If you need help with Google ads or any other digital marketing for your business contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business 

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