Going digital is the new frontier for many in business

Prior to Covid, many businesses were not in any rush to increase their digital efforts. However, with the restrictions that Covid brought to us, many businesses were forced to adapt or die. Quarantine, social distancing and more have left many small businesses with online as their only option. 

How have you accelerated your digital strategy since Covid landed on our shores?

While digital will have been on your radar prior to the pandemic it should now be your top priority. According to KPMG’s global survey in 2020, business is investing heavily in technology. 67% say they accelerated their digital transformation strategy as a result of Covid. Along with 63% reporting that they increased their digital transformation budget too. 

Businesses of all sizes must not only embrace digital technology it needs to be an integral part of a business. If you have already embraced digital, there is no time like today for you to hit the accelerator and ensure your longevity. 

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Priorities in this new frontier

Today, priorities have changed quickly, for some they changed overnight and continue to change as we navigate a Covid world. Do any of these priorities look familiar?

  • Increasing your revenue
  • Adding new products and services
  • Improving your customer experience
  • Ensuring you accommodate health and safety for your staff and your customers
  • Creating a business model that works online

It is essential that you bring the right strategy along with the right platforms and the right people to meet all these priorities and accelerate going digital. 

Gaining a vital edge 

As a digitally transformed business, you are able to have a vital edge in this new frontier of business. Prior to this time, many business owners were a little too slow in prioritising digital solutions for both their business and for their customers. 

The new frontier for many in business is one that not only embraces digital it ensures that digital is used to manage all the priorities mentioned above. In gaining a vital edge you must ensure that you are doing more than just having a website. It is important to ensure that you have a fully integrated marketing plan that enhances your business. 

Strategy – Platforms – People = Your digital frontier

The digital customer 

Who are your customers today and what can you be doing to ensure that they receive a great experience when they do business with you? This may be existing customers and it will also be new customers who want someone they can do business with and rely upon.

The internet is full of communities and you can create a community for your customers or find them within other communities. Take the time to meet your customers where they are and where you can provide them with solutions.

By ensuring that you have a customer-centric digital policy you will be meeting your customers where their needs and expectation are.

It is important to remember that your digital customer is not always looking for the cheapest price alone. Your customers are savvy and they want to shop where they feel valued and their needs are both met and exceeded.

Your unique story

As part of doing business online, you have the opportunity to share your unique business story. It is important that you do not make everything about you but in sharing your story you can show why you are the best option. It is ultimately your story that makes you the ideal resource to solve your customers’ problems. 

Does your online experience provide a customer-centric transaction that is uniquely you? Can you reflect a previously in-store only experience? Are you using images, videos and more to enhance your unique business experience? 

Remember that while telling your unique story to ensure that you make it customer-centric and not egocentric!

Your platforms

The platforms you choose for your online presence provide you with more opportunities than ever to gain results. Platforms that are in addition to your website are there to drive traffic back to your website and to ultimately do business with you. 

Beyond just your website your social media profiles need to be active and consistent. They need to show your business and the benefits of doing business with you. 

Your website needs:

  • SEO to be found online in the search results and drive traffic
  • Google Ads to be found in the paid results and drive traffic
  • Social media posts to be found and to drive traffic to your website
  • Other marketing like newsletters and more to ensure that you are delivering an integrated marketing solution and driving traffic to your website

So if going digital is the new frontier for many in business, what are you doing today to review, enhance and increase what you are already doing?

Do you need help to ensure that you are doing enough? Could outsourcing give you back some much needed time to focus on other things?

If you are looking for ways that you can market your business and/or improve your digital presence contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business.

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