Get more sales with User Experience

User Experience – the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or a computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. (Google Dictionary)

For all of us with a website, this should be our goal and even more so if you have an e-commerce store. Don’t forget that load time and speed of your website also plays an important role in user experience – choose your host wisely.

Sales and User Experience

Regardless of if you have a service business or if you have an e-commerce business, your focus has to be on user experience. It is the user experience that helps the potential customer/client become your actual customer or client.

Mobile Responsiveness

This is essential for all businesses and according to Shopify more than 50% of all traffic on e-commerce websites is from mobile.

What is your goal for people when they arrive at your website – to buy something, to subscribe, to contact you etc.

Service business

Your main goal is: To read and then head to the contact form or subscription

Clients want to be guided through your website to where you want them to go. If that is to contact you, make it easy and simple. Are you a service business that is being constantly asked for prices – Have a prices page and stop wasting time quoting to people who can’t afford you.

Tips to get more sales with user experience – Service

  • Guide people through your website easily
  • Direct people where you want them to go
  • Have a prices page with actual prices or a range of prices
  • Ensure it is easy to find your contact details – e.g. top right for a phone number
  • If you want more subscribers – tell people to subscribe!

E-commerce business

Your main goal is: To fill the cart and checkout seamlessly

Customers always expect an easy process and this is key to your e-commerce business not having too many abandoned carts. If your checkout process is not easy and does not meet customer user experience your sales will decline.

Tips to get more sales with user experience – E-commerce

  • Have shipping details or Free Shipping obvious – This should be the first things that people notice. It should be immediately obvious as to your Free Shipping offer or similar. If customers have to go looking this makes the user experience far less appealing. Clickz .com report that unexpected shipping costs are the number one reason for cart abandonment.
  • Enable a guest check out – Not everyone wants to give all their details just to purchase. Registering for a new account when shopping takes time and people don’t always want to take that time. Immediate gratification is important as too is an impulse buy sometimes. Clickz .com report that unexpected shipping costs are the number two reason for cart abandonment.
  • Have an incentive for people to create an account with you – like 10% off your next order when you register. And if they do register, don’t waste their time with a whole range of optional fields, just have the essential ones.
  • Ensure that it is easy to view your shopping cart and to add items, don’t have multiple steps as this drives down the great experience. People often want to add an item and keep shopping. Know what your ideal clients expect from their user experience.
  • Ensure your e-commerce store performs seamlessly on mobile devices! Your website designer/developer can do this for you.
  • Have a variety of payment options – not too many though!
  • Show an estimated delivery time early in the process
  • Have an order history available for returning customers
  • Prefill billing and shipping for returning customers


Know your ideal clients and make it as easy as possible to purchase from you. Look through your statistics and see why people visit but don’t act. If you are getting abandoned carts – how can you use some of these tips to make your statistics better.

Don’t forget after-sales service for your e-commerce store and actual sales for your service business – these have to be seamless too.

Remember that if you are doing the same thing and expecting different results, you may just be driving yourself a little crazy.

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