Fine-tune your Social Media

Social Media is busier than ever for both brands and for consumers. How do you ensure that you are not just another face in a crowded place?

It has become very competitive on social media and with the reach not what it used to be we all must do something to stand out. After all, you want your followers to engage and not just to scale past our posts. If you are a regular follower of this blog you will know that I have written many posts about the topic of Social Media and still there is always more to say. 

Uniquely you

The first thing your social presence should have is a “uniquely you” online look and feel. Try not to be stuck in a rut, come out with posts that are personally speaking to your followers. Make your business more human and less robotic with your one of a kind voice. You may have seen online or received emails from businesses that can fully automate this process. Or you may have noticed comments on your social media that don’t relate to your post 100%, often these are computers who are using a program to complete the process. These computers take away the actual social aspect and just try to trick the system into thinking that they are both giving and receiving engagement. In reality, it is only a matter of time before social media sites block these computerised interactions. Have you ever shared a quote and then received a comment that say’s “love this pic” or what about “Keep up the hustle” or “let’s connect”. 

Do social media well or don’t waste your time.


  • Does your profile show a bio and image that is instantly recognisable as your business?
  • Do all your profiles have a similar look and feel so your followers know what to expect?
  • When did you last update your Facebook cover photo?
  • Does your logo appear across all your social profiles?


What level of creativity are you using to increase your brands’ awareness? For example, you will notice that my Instagram is predominately red. www.instagram.com/mysassybusiness_ 

As a service business, there is not always something that you can share, unlike e-commerce businesses. By choosing red it gives me a distinctive look and feel on my Instagram.

Tag power

Tagging or mentioning another account can amplify your content. Influencers do it all the time, this is how they end up with brand deals for the businesses they love. E-commerce can tag their products so people can shop immediately – Love this!Don't Fail with Social Media

Hashtagging is all about engagement and getting found – all hashtags are searchable and followable by anyone. You can also create your own hashtag and ask your followers to use it and follow it.


Do you take the time to engage with others online? This is a great way to be seen and grow your following. Make sure you not only respond to comments but also take the time to comment on other accounts. Make sure your comments are meaningful and relevant, don’t come across like a robot or you are wasting your time. After dinner when you are relaxing just take 10 or 15 minutes to engage online, you will find it helps to grow your followers. 


The caption or description on your post should be interesting and engaging to elicit a response. Be creative, add an emoji or two and let people know about you as a business/brand. Educate your followers and engage your followers. Share yourself and ask your followers questions and appreciate their replies with a quick thanks.


As with all marketing – consistency is key. At a minimum, you need to post daily across your chosen platforms. Use a scheduling tool to make your life easier so that you have more time to engage.

Share with me your challenges in fine-tuning your social media accounts…

Remember if you need any help with your social media, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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