Email newsletters are hot property

Yes, you heard me correct, email newsletters are hot property!

However, if your email newsletter is like an old dinosaur it is time to add a little sparkle to that t-rex.

Almost everyone has at least one email address (some of us have many more). Email offers a direct line of communication from a business to its followers/subscribers and ideal clients/subscribers. 


You can separate your subscribers into a couple of areas and potentially, even more, depending on your business. 

Followers – These are the people who are curious about your business but may never actually buy from you. They want free info and may also be competitors. 

Ideal clients – GOLD – These are the people who you know to be perfect for your business. They may already be clients/customers or they may be potential clients/customers. 

How do you make your email newsletter hot property? 

  1. It must cover a topic/s that your ideal clients care about
  2. The email newsletter should be obviously yours and what your business cares about
  3. It must be uniquely your business with information that cannot be found everywhere else

Is your current email newsletter hot?

Think about the emails you currently receive from other businesses. Doing Email the Right Way

What inspires you to open them? 

What are they doing well? 

How can you improve your email newsletters?

If you are not currently sending email newsletters you are missing a very effective tool in your small business. 

To build your database

  1. Have a clear value proposition – what is the benefit of signing up
  2. Make the subscribe button easy to find via your blog homepage or article pages
  3. Regularly invite people to subscribe 
  4. Share your email newsletter on your social media
  5. Offer something in return for subscribing – this may be a discount code or a free guide

Do you need help dragging your newsletters into the 21st century? At My Sassy Business, we can take the pain out of newsletters and ensure that they are modern and delivered with consistency to your database.

If you see yourself as a follower or a client of ours make sure you are subscribed.

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