Email Marketing predictions for 2021 and beyond

There is no time like today to get started or to revamp your email marketing.

If you are implementing an integrated marketing plan email marketing is one aspect you cannot ignore. Email marketing puts your business directly in front of your ideal clients via their desktop computer and right into their pockets via their mobile phones.

You are not just throwing some paper into a random letterbox or sending a message in a bottle and hoping your ideal client finds it.

Email Marketing predictions for 2021 and beyond:

  • Get personal
  • A digital letter
  • Wow factor
  • Automatic investment
  • Drip emails

Get personal

Personalisation in emails is not a new idea. However, it is something that not everyone is doing. Campaign Monitor reports that emails with a personalised subject line are 26% more likely to be opened.

As an example: One of my favourite emails is when I have purchased something and then the next email I receive is an email that relates to that specific purchase. The personalised email maybe how to style that item or other items that go well with that item purchased. Either way, it helps me to grow an affinity with that brand and potentially make an additional purchase.

The way that this is done is through list segmentation.

By segmenting your email lists/subscribers by specific criteria you can further personalise their experience. You are making your emails far more dynamic and in turn, they are more likely to convert into sales for your business.

A digital letter

This is something you may have already noticed or been receiving yourself – short letter style emails from a businesses boss which is then linked to the blog/article or information.

It is designed to be even more personal. Designed as though the email has been written for you personally and for no one else. This type of email is designed to draw in the reader and to make them act as they feel an affinity to the personalisation of this letter style of email.

Naturally, this is not going to work for every business so make sure you see if it really fits your business before you try it.

Wow factor

Just as a digital letter may work for some businesses, having a wow factor is going to work for others. When considering what email marketing predictions will work you need to think about your ideal clients and what they will enjoy and appreciate.

For example, a digital letter may not work for a new fashion launch. When emailing a new fashion item people want to see what it looks like, how it moves, what colours it comes in and why they need to buy it now. Images are key to achieving these types of goals.

A bright email with wow factor may be what you ideal clients enjoy when it comes to what you have on offer as a business. Remember that colours can evoke many different types of emotions so your email needs to match the message that you are sending.

Automatic investment

Email Marketing predictions for 2021 and beyond include an investment in email automation. Subscribe to email services so you can set up automatic emails to engage with your customers. Send emails when people subscribe when people shop and to keep people informed of your business will all key to email marketing success.

For e-commerce stores, it is vital that you have an abandoned cart automatic email and the ability to segment your lists based on purchases. Other business may set up automatic emails for learning, videos and so much more – the possibilities are endless.

Drip emails

A drip email campaign is one where a series of emails are sent out to a subscriber or list of subscribers. They may be preset by dates or by actions that are taken and are perfect for welcome emails, abandoned carts or to gain feedback. They can work to increase sales and overall awareness of your brand to new or consumers who are still in the research phase of buying.


If you have an email list you need to be using it in 2021 and working out ways for it to enhance your business. As you can see from this blog these are just some of the ways you can and should be using email in 2021.

Email is more powerful than many realise and when used well it can provide the result you are hoping for.

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