Email database success

If you are just starting out in business and trying to build your database or you have a database that you wish to grow – this blog is for you.

It goes without saying that the number 1 thing you need to begin your email marketing strategy is an email list. However, it is not always the easiest thing to do!

People are often cautious about who they hand over their email to. All our inboxes are overflowing with emails that are both great and not so great and SPAM.

Where to start

Give something – not everyone will subscribe to your list without a good reason. That reason can be any number of things and it can change over time.

  • A discount – perfect for e-commerce
  • Ebooks – valuable content that benefits the subscriber
  • Free course – an email course that will benefit your subscriber

Use several opt-in tactics, pop-ups, embedded forms, a slider etc.

Make sure these are connected to your database using MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or similar.

Now you have their details

  • You must ensure that any future content you send also has value to them so that they remain as subscribers.
  • Value means – An ongoing education of why they need to stay in touch with your business and continue to read your email marketing.
  • Be consistent – This maybe every week or every month but you must pick a schedule and stick to it. Your subscribers need to know what to expect ongoing and to look forward to receiving your email marketing.

Two things you must NOT do

  1. NEVER EVER SEND AN EMAIL THAT SAYS MAY NEWSLETTER – I guarantee it won’t be opened!
  2. NEVER EVER BUY AND EMAIL LIST – this is an outdated tactic that never pays off. It violates privacy, may get you marked as spam, may see email providers ban you. You will have wasted money and you will be ignored.


Email marketing is an incredibly effective tool to stay top of mind with both your existing clients and with people who are thinking about being your client. It can be a great way for people to become familiar with your business, ready to then do business.

For e-commerce, it can mean that you have regular buyers of your products as they are seeing your business and your offers every week.

Done well, email marketing is a necessary part of your digital marketing plan that works to grow your business. If you need help delivering your email marketing campaigns, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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