E-commerce secret weapon

You may have head about the amount of effort that Apple puts into not online its product design but the packaging. The packaging is designed to provide you with specific user experience when you buy a new Apple product. From the box, slowing opening to increase expectation to then the peeling of the plastic from your items. Each and every aspect of the packaging has been designed to enhance the experience of new ownership. This experience makes you fall in love with your new Apple product and become a loyal customer!E-commerce secret weapon

What does your e-commerce unboxing provide?

Unboxing – This is an act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site.

We all know the feeling of a package arriving – It is exciting and we can’t wait to open it.

The feeling of excitement can be dulled pretty quick if the packaging is poor but the excitement can be lifted even further if the packaging is amazing. We also tend to tell someone about great packaging or an unexpected inclusion.

Your e-commerce store

If you are selling online have you reviewed the way that you send items to your customers? Is it as professional as it should be or could it be better?

  • What is the first thing someone sees when your delivery arrives?
  • How do they open their package?
  • Once the package is open, how are your products contained?
  • Do you include a note or a personal message?
  • Do you include something unexpected?
  • Branded stickers or tissue paper or box!

52% of consumers will return to an e-commerce store that provides premium packaging.

Did you know that on Youtube there are channels dedicated to the unboxing phenomenon? What would it feel like to see someone sharing your product as they unbox it? This is your e-commerce secret weapon!

As an e-commerce retailer, you need to engage personally with your clients via the unboxing and form a connection for them to share and talk about with others. This is your secret weapon against your competitors because MANY e-commerce stores are not capitalising on this interaction.

A retail store

A typical retail store has the opportunity to build an atmosphere within its store and design it to encourage people to return.

  • Music
  • Layout
  • Lighting
  • Colours
  • Stock levels
  • And more all play a part in enticing the customer to buy and to return.

Recently a survey reported that 66% of beauty product buyers watch boxing videos to get a feel for the product before they order. Packaging plays an obvious part in the sale and return of future sales.

Does your product appear in anyone’s unboxing videos or have people shared their unboxing of your products on social media?

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