E-commerce needs this to Thrive

  • So your dream of having an e-commerce website has been born!
  • You launched and had a party!
  • Friends and family bought from you!
  • You advertised on Social Media and grow your followers!
  • The groups on Facebook told you they love your products!
  • You built it – surely they will come!

What now

Have you thought about the total number of words that are not on your website?


Now it goes without saying that each of your products needs a lengthy description about what it is, what it does and more. You cannot have too much when it comes to a description of your products in your store.

Believe me when I say I do all my shopping online and the stores that I frequent, give me:

  • A great and lengthy description that includes the reason why I must buy this item. Your description is your friendly salesperson!
  • Details on how it will fit (Clothing)
  • Quality images (With file names, not just numbers)
  • Details of how it benefits my life
  • Free Delivery or at least an instant way of knowing the potential cost
  • Guest Checkout
  • Weekly or more email updates
  • Feedback on their products
  • Social Media that makes me want to visit their online stores
  • Confidence to buy

Content with Muscles

Beyond the content throughout your website and in your product descriptions – Do you have a blog?

Now I can hear you screaming at this blog saying – what do I even write, I can’t write, I haven’t got time etc. Just keep reading and let me persuade you with a few more reasons why you should. Plus I will tell you how.

It doesn’t have to be a difficult chore but it does have to be consistent and original. Having a blog gives you one more thing to share on social media and for others to share too.

Why You Should

  • A consistent blog can give awards to who you are, what you stand for and awareness about what your e-commerce store sells.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what every website is trying to achieve and a blog helps any other SEO work that you may be doing. Even if you are outsourcing your SEO, each blog can be optimised and help your brand grow. Make sure you have internal links in your blog to your products!
  • It offers a variation to just sending sale driven emails
  • It tells a story or offers a case study

How You Can

  • Just do it – don’t worry that you don’t know how to write you will get better.
  • Ask for guest posts, there are bloggers everywhere that love to guest post, go find some that relate to your business.
  • Give a behind the scenes look into your business.
  • Share an unboxing.
  • Demonstrate a product or launch a product or range to your clients.
  • Share the positives or benefits of the products you offer.
  • Be original or offer a deal for readers.
  • Ask your customers to share their love for your products so you can share it in a blog.
  • Offer a “how-to” article that shows the solutions your products provide.

Ecommerce needs this to thrive

Make no mistake – having an online store is and should be hard work. The people you may see, who tell you they just sit back and let the sales roll in – are not giving you a full story.

You have to find products that a tribe of people want and you have to keep that tribe engaged.

Make sure that each of your blogs has a call to action – after all you want them to purchase from your online store.

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