Don’t fail with Social Media

Love it or hate it social media continues to grow. If you are still not embracing it as a tool in your business you are seriously missing out on its potential.

80% of both small business and adults are using social media!

The vast majority of consumers research online before purchasing something.

3 in 5 small to medium businesses gain new customers through social media.

You need to ensure that you take social media seriously and make the effort to post on the days and times that your audience will see your work. Plus you need to ensure that your posts relate to your audience and give them a reason to engage with you.

Know your audienceIs the smart phone hurting your business

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income
  • Education
  • Work
  • Interests

Take the time to review this metric, if you have social media accounts running they all have metrics on your followers. Do these metrics match who you think your audience is?

Choose the right social mediaWhat is social Commerce

  • Facebook and Instagram have the largest numbers of engaged users!
  • Is LinkedIn a platform used by your audience?
  • Have you looked at Pinterest for your audience?
  • How often will you publish – most platforms recommend daily posts. Top brands on average post 5 times per week.
  • Does your content have an expiry date?
  • Will you use social media for customer service interactions?
  • Will your followers be providing you content you can share?
  • Are you going to manage your social media or outsource it?
  • Ensure you use relevant hashtags where you need to.
  • Location tags on social media help to increase your engagement.

What to create

  • Blogs are great to share on Social Media and it works to drive people back to your website. Your audience will read your blog, take your call to action and hopefully become a new client or be an existing client that comes back for more.
  • Emojis can improve your click-through rates. 92% of people online are using emojis. A recent study from AdEspresso showed that Facebook headlines with emojis generated 241% more clicks than those without.
  • Create a poll to ask opinions about a new idea or product. Ask for some insights about your audience or have a laugh. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all give you these options.
  • Behind the scenes – Show your employees, unpacking a delivery, show orders going out or show the pet you have at your business.
  • User-generated content is well utilised by many brands with the reposting of images where real people are using your products.
  • Images with faces on Instagram receive 38% more likes than those without faces!
  • A video is essential for products and brands to show off the user experience.
  • Build hype around new products utilising preorders and Instagram shoppable posts to further drive sales.
  • Quality photos mixed in with your blogs and videos. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you with this.
  • Case studies, business accomplishments, repost older content with a #throwbackthursday hashtag added, infographics, quotes, research, events, reviews and so much more should be part of your social content.


Social media gives you and your followers an almost endless opportunity to both engage and to grow. Don’t fail with social media by not using it to its full potential and don’t fail your business by ignoring this as a marketing tool for your business. If you need help with social media, speak to Kelly at My Sassy Business and make sure you subscribe to this blog.

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