Doing Email the right way

So you are just getting started or perhaps you have been in business for a while. Email addresses are tricky, but you know it always looks more professional to have one that matches your domain name.

How do you decide what email address you are going to have for your business?

Now, how do you decide how many email addresses you are going to have for your business? Naturally, the choice is yours but here are a few ideas that may just match your businesses needs.


Having more than one email address makes it easier to communicate and to categorise your communication.

One of the smartest things you can do is to set up Gmail for business under their G Suite which you can do yourself. If you don’t think you can manage yourself then it is wise to outsource to an IT company like Stanfield IT who can set it all up for you and make sure everything is working correctly. This way all your emails go to the one place and they are all securely managed under G Suite.

Types of email addresses



These two above are perfect for a professional email when you are speaking directly to clients. It is simple and professional and looks much better than a standard Gmail address.


This is the perfect anonymous email address for use in forums, article comments, to subscribe to something etc. Using terms like info@ or inbox@ hello@ are all fairly common.


This type of email address is great to run an employment campaign for your business and are looking for a generic address for the applications to go to.




All are great for email campaigns, posting publicly or needing a simple yet generic way for people to email. From here you can set up rules to forward these emails where you need them to go.




Traditionally may be used for larger businesses but there is no reason that a smaller business can’t use them too.


Setting up several email addresses gives you flexibility, even if you are a solo operator!

Utilising the tools within G Suite may take some getting used to, but once you do you won’t return.  Naturally, you can send from any of these email addresses to giving you further flexibility.

You have the benefit of accessing it anywhere and from any device. It is backed up securely and you have the added benefits of everything else in the G Suite. Docs, Sheets, and so much more.

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