Does your small business need a magic wand? 

If I could hand you a magic wand to grant you a wish what would that wish be? 

Would it be business-related or would it be personal?

  • A Lamborghini 
  • An endless pack of Tim Tams 
  • A consistent flow of business 
  • The right staff to look after your current clients

The hope for a magic wand comes as many small businesses are living a constant struggle. The struggle to find enough business to keep themselves and their staff busy and so much more.

Marketing can be the magic wand that you dream of

Many business owners fear that they do not have the substantial marketing budget of a large organisation.

‘If only I had a magic wand to deliver the results I am looking for’

Please don’t blame the size of your business or the budget for not getting the success your dream of. There is so much small businesses can do to get great results and grow the business that they dream of. 

There is no time like today to start working on your marketing plan. Are you going to create a plan and do the work in-house? Or are you going to outsource the plan and the execution or will it be a combination of both?

It is a busy place 

While the small business environment is busy there is still enough room for everyone. 

You do however need to ensure that you achieve ‘your fair share’ within this busy environment. What that means is that if others are doing a lot more than you how can you expect your customers/clients to find and remember you.

If you take one simple piece of marketing information from this blog please take the word ‘consistency’.

Your marketing needs to be consistent and consistent for the long term.

Get friendly

Social media after all is just that, it is social. 

One of the tools in your marketing toolbox is to get social on social media.

As a small business, you have the advantage of being able to have a close and direct relationship with your customers. This is something that big business struggles with. Even though they have a big budget they will always struggle to be personal. 

Just think about offshore call centres – Have you seen an ad by Telstra that they are bringing their call centres back to Australia. This is all about building a closer relationship with their customers. 

Buying journey and experience

You don’t need to have a big budget to be able to understand the buying experience that you would like your customers to have.

What experience would you like your customers/clients to see every step of the journey to doing business with you? Create a map and add it to your marketing plans. 

The journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Post-purchase
  • Repeat purchase

How can you make ongoing improvements to your customer journey – to get them faster to purchase – to get a repeat purchase or keep them as long-standing clients!

Do you have an integrated marketing plan

Time to get smart

As part of creating your marketing plan, you need to ensure that you know the answers to a few questions. 

  • What is the tangible benefit gained by buying from you?
  • What do your customers feel when they make a purchase?
  • Do they have fears or worries?
  • Do they have a series of steps to take to decide on purchasing?
  • Will others influence their decision to purchase?
  • How are you going to communicate your service or product value? 
  • What does an integrated marketing plan look like for you?

Time to take charge – use your small businesses magic wand

Will you be outsourcing some or all of your digital marketing? 

What if anything can you manage to do in-house?

How will you now be able to focus on other areas of your business now that you have a marketing magic wand?

If you need help with any or all of your digital marketing contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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