Does email marketing work? 

Over the years I have written several blogs about email marketing (see below) and there are still many reasons to add it to your marketing plan ongoing.

With email marketing remaining one of the best ways to stay in constant contact with your new and old customers and clients are you doing enough?

How often should you email

The number one reason that people unsubscribe is that they receive too many emails – SO, how do you know how often to send them!

It depends on your business.

For some businesses daily works – for others, it is monthly. Only you can work out the sweet spot for your business. As a general rule monthly can be the sweet spot for most.

Email marketing trends

Results – do you ever look to see how many opens and clicks happened on your emails? Over time you will notice that some emails do better than others and learn how to modify your emails according to the results.

Personalisation – It is fast becoming an expectation however it is tricky if you are not collecting anything more than just a persons’ email. Make sure if personalisation is important to your followers that you have their details. There is little point in trying to make things personal if you collect email addresses alone. It is always easier to get email addresses alone when you are asking for peoples details so if this is you just leave out the personalisation.

Retargetting – This works very well with retail as you can set up auto emails to fire at various stages of the buying process. Personally, I love receiving emails that show me something that compliments my recent purchase.

Automation – Yes this has been available for a while but if you are not using it you could be missing out. What type of email automation would suit your business?

Video – Emails with video are really coming into their own. I am seeing many (particularly fashion) emails coming through with video. It may be a collation of their social media videos on their new products but it also creates movement and interest.

Take action – It should go without saying that your emails should contain a call to action. This may be from click to buy or asking a survey, tools and more.

Accessibility – Just like your website your emails need to be accessible for almost everyone. Short but sweet contact with a font that is easy to read and easy to take action.

Mobily friendly – Yes many people may be looking at your emails via their mobile device. Ensure that your emails are easy to read and take action from a mobile device.

So does email marketing work?

It always has and potentially it will be with us for quite some time as one of the best ways to communicate with your database.

Do you need help to ensure that you are reaching out to your database regularly?

At My Sassy Business, we look after email marketing for many of our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help you. 

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