Do your product pages need an overhaul

Ecommerce – commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet.

If you are selling goods and services over the internet your sales are part of an estimated $27trillion + global transactions. (Shopify data).

How many of these global transactions are going to your business and how can you improve on what you are already doing?

Ecommerce business

If you are selling products and services online your goal is to drive traffic to your website. This can be done through digital marketing.

Once you have traffic on your website you want them to look around and buy as much as they can from your business.

By optimising the user experience you will get more visitors adding to their carts and then completing the checkout process.

A great product page

The ultimate goal of your product page is to build confidence in your visitor by answering all the questions they have. By answering your visitors’ questions it makes it far easier for the visitor to commit to purchasing.

In answering these questions you need to use great images and great content. These two items are the perfect marriage. Your images show the product or service at its best and the content speaks about its features, benefits and answers all the potential questions your visitor may have.

Your brand design and experience should be highly visible and easy to use.

Throughout your website, it should be obvious:

  • That it is one unified brand (yours).
  • It should be highly visible that delivery is free or a specific cost.
  • The checkout experience should be easy and seamless.

Essential recommendations

A great title – Focus on the name or brand if applicable. Your product title will generally form your URL and this is all a part of getting found on Google. Or you can create your own easy to remember URL for each product. How will people search for your product/service?

A clear call to action – Add to cart. This should be bold and uncluttered.

Great product photography – Invest in professional product photography or do some online tutorials and improve your own skills. Professional photography helps to build your credibility and makes it easier for consumers to decide to buy.

Don’t just show a floating product on a white background. Share a person wearing it, placement of the product or a use of the product. Video is even better to add a third view of the item/s.

Name your images what they are, don’t just leave them with a number. Google can read and index each image when they are named correctly and you have used the alt text in your website.

Linking images – By linking your images to the variants of your products you are able to help your customers see exactly what each variant is. Simple but very effective for every product.

Unique descriptions – EVERY product should have a unique description and not just the one that the manufacturer may have sent you. Duplicate content which may end up being used by many websites is a sure sign of a lower quality website (according to Google).

Details for the price – Do you have enough professional content to illustrate why your product is the price that it is? Utilising a professional copywriter can be just as beneficial as using a professional photographer.

If you are selling a high priced item this may take a lot more content that a $5 item. For example, if you are selling a $300 scarf, why would I choose this premium item. What are the benefits it is going to deliver and how is the $300 justified? Unless your brand has the history of Gucci you need to deliver to your customers’ expectations. No one is going to understand your products as you do so how are you going to share that knowledge.

Great images alone a not enough and you need to constantly review it to see how it can be improved.

Your ideal clients – Who are your ideal clients and what are their expectations? Are you meeting those expectations or are you just getting traffic without sales? Are you marketing to the right people? Is your digital marketing driving the sort of traffic that will add to cart and checkout?

Brand highlight – Is your brand visible throughout your website and on EVERY product page? Your imagery and your content should highlight your brand just as your social media and logo do. This constant highlighting of your brand helps to build recognition. You grow from being an Instagram ad that someone has clicked on into a brand they love and regularly buy from.

Beyond a brand – Once you highlight your brand you want it to become a brand that is recognised and one that gains a follower, not just a one-off sale. How does your brand fit into your consumers’ lifestyle? Why will a first-time buyer shop from you again and again?

Brand voice – Is the voice of your brand throughout everything you do? Is your content, your images and everything you produce appearing consistent in its online message. How are your ideal clients considered in every message you produce?

Product proof – reviews and testimonials on your products help people decide beyond what you have already explained to them in your descriptions and images.


With more and more businesses selling online it is a busy space and you need to do everything you can to stand out from this crowded market place. Getting your product pages right is just one very important aspect to look after. Digital Marketing, including search engine optimisation, is how people are going to find your products in the search results.

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