Do you need to contact an SEO company?

Have you been thinking about SEO for your business? Have you been advised to look into this as a strategy to drive more business?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works to help your website appear in the search results of your ideal clients. So when your ideal clients are searching online for what you offer you have an increased chance of being found by them.

Here are some things to know

SEO is long term – If you are looking at SEO as a long term strategy then utilising an SEO company will be worthwhile. A long term SEO investment will also maximise the return on your investment.

If however, you are considering it as a quick fix you are potentially setting yourself and your business up for disappointment.

Digital Marketing Strategies

It is vital that your marketing strategies cover many areas to ensure that you maximise your online success. You can do this yourself or you can outsource as part of your SEO company package.Google is 20 years old

  • A consistent Social Media presence – aim to post every day
  • Paid advertising – Social or Google Ads
  • New content – Blogs or updates to the content of your website

While SEO is still a powerful strategy alone, you can increase and amplify its results when these other tools are included as part of your overall strategy. It is wise to cover lots of areas when you are marketing your business, rather than just relying on one or two. For example, My Sassy Business can look after your Facebook Management from just $300 + GST per month. We also offer LinkedIn and Instagram solutions, just ask.

You can do it all yourself

Many businesses look to doing SEO themselves. They feel that they have the talent, the time and the knowledge to do it. This is fine for businesses who have the people/person they can dedicate to this task and manage it ongoing long term. Trying to do it as an owner-operator may leave you disappointed or lacking the time and knowledge it takes. 

If you don’t have the talent, time and knowledge plus inclination to do it, outsourcing is for you. Outsourcing can get better results and free up time for other activities within your business. I’m sure you didn’t start your business with the hope that you could do SEO, otherwise you would have started an SEO company.

“I tried to do it myself – outsourcing SEO to Kelly at My Sassy business was the best thing I did.”

Is your business in a competitive marketplace?

The fitness industry, for example, is heavily saturated in some locations, like Sydney. Plumbers are another highly competitive industry trying to appear in the search results. 

How do you compete?

By ensuring you are maximising what you do online to expose your business to the largest number of potential clients. SEO and full digital strategy can help you to succeed and get people contacting you directly.

Is your business in a niche market?

If so, you have a unique advantage when it comes to SEO and getting found online. It can also be a challenge as are people actually search for the niche and if not an SEO professional can work out how to get them to search for it.

Looking for affordable

There is a multitude of offerings when it comes to SEO. It is vital that you ignore the emails and the phone calls that offer you the world and promise it on a plate. The vast majority of these businesses are unscrupulous in their offering. They can not guarantee anything and may even utilise black hat techniques to rank your website. These techniques can see your website banned by Google which could ultimately destroy your business. 

My Sassy Business can offer you SEO from $300 + GST per month or we can create a bespoke package that includes other things like blogs or social media management.

It’s not just about ranking

Once you are driving traffic through SEO it is vital that this traffic is converting. Are you getting visitors but no enquiries or sales? What can you do to improve the conversions on your website? 

It is important to know that your website is not just a create, set and forget platform. It is the shopfront to your business and if you forget to ever change the window display people will not want to come in.

If you need help with any or all of these areas contact Kelly at My Sassy Business

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